It’s almost time for a new season of The Bachelorette, which will premiere on Monday, July 11. This time, the show will have not only one, but two leads: Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey, who were Clayton Echard’s co-runner-ups in The Bachelor 2021

Windey and Recchia won fan’s hearts after both of them were, to put it nicely, fooled by Echard’s mess in the final episodes. A quick recap for those who didn’t watch the season: he thought he was in love with three women, told them that, slept with two (Rachel and Gabby, BTW) and then decided to go after the other finalist, Susie Evans, who dumped him in Iceland and then called him back. 

Nevertheless, during the After the Rose special, it was announced that both Rachel and Gabby were going to be the leads for Season 19 of The Bachelorette, as they, of course, deserved better. So, here check out everything you need to know about Gabby: her age, job, education, and more. 

How old is Gabby Windey? 

Gabby Windey is 31 years old. She was born on January  2, 1991. She is from O'Fallon, Illinois. While Windey has an estranged relationship with her mother, she has an elder sister named Jazz.

How tall is Gabby Windey? 

Many fans wanted to know how tall Gabby is, especially after the girls shared some photos together and she looks taller than Recchia. According to Rachel, Gabby is 5’8” tall, while Recchia is 5’3” tall. 

Gabby Windey’s education: Which college did she attend? 

Windey attended O'Fallon Township High School, where she was the sports editor in the school paper. She also won Miss O'Fallon in 2008. Then, she attended University of Colorado Colorado Springs, and she graduated in 2013. 

What’s the connection between Gabby Windey and the Broncos?

Windey was a Denver Broncos cheerleader for five years. “It really was everything I’ve always wanted to do. It teaches you so much, like teamwork, putting others before yourself, a sense of community, and you always have people that have your back. It’s so much more than dance,” she said about her experience on the podcast Talk It Out.

What is Gabby Windey's job? 

Windey works as an ICU nurse at the University of Colorado Hospital. In 2021, she was the co-winner of the Pop Warner Humanitarian Award for her service on the frontline of the pandemic. She is the first woman and NFL cheerleader to receive the award.