Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise is underway and, as expected, things are unfolding with drama between contestants. Genevieve Parisi is one of the women that are competing on the show, and fans can’t wait to know if she ends up finding love or not. Here, check out the answer. 

But first, let’s recap and remember some facts about Genevieve. She first appeared during Clayton’s season of The Bachelor, and she was eliminated in seventh place. During that season, she was involved in the drama with Shanae Ankney, who is also on Paradise. 

Genevieve is 27 years old, and she is from Rehoboth, Massachusetts. She attended the University of Massachusetts in Boston. While she was pursuing a nursing degree, in her Bachelor bio she listed her job as “bartender.” 

Who does Genevieve end up with in Bachelor in Paradise? 

In the first rose ceremony, Genevieve received a rose from Justin. However, that connection won’t go too far at the game as, later, Aaron Clancy (from Katy’s season of The Bachelorette) appears on the beach. And they hit off. 

According to spoilers from Reality TV, Genevieve and Aaron are one of the final six couples but they broke up before the finale. So, Genevieve ends Paradise alone. Also, this won’t be the first time that they are linked together. 

Fans of the franchise can recall that Shanae accused her of being intimate with Aaron during Clayton’s “Women Tell All” special. However, Genevieve denied the rumors saying that she only met him at a bar and she “didn’t kiss him.” Shen then told Entertainment Tonight that the accusation was “ridiculous.”