After ten episodes, Season 1 of House of the Dragon, the spin-off prequel for Games of Thrones, has come to an end with a major death and the, official, start of the “Dance of the Dragons,” the civil war that will determine who will beKing Viserys I successor, which will be explore in second season

House of the Dragon’s premiere garnered “the largest audience for any new original series in HBO history,” according to the network, which immediately made the renewal the logical step to take. The show is based on the Fire & Blood series by George R.R. Martin, and shows what happened 200 years before the events of GOT. 

But after the first season served somewhat as a prologue, introducing all the characters and their motivations, fans are eager to watch the real war begin. Check out here everything we know about the second season of House of the Dragon, such as cast, release date and plans. 

House of the Dragon Season 2 plot: What will happen? 

Fans of the book are familiar with what’s coming for the Black and the Greens. Here, without spoilers, let’s explore what’s coming, according to series co-creator Ryan Condal. “Season one was setting the table for a very bloody feast to come,” he told Entertainment Weekly after the season finale. 

“I’m really interested in picking up with all of those characters that we spent all of this time introducing, particularly Rhaenyra and Alicent’s families, and seeing what happens now that we’ve flipped the chessboard over and spilled the pieces on the ground,” he added. 

He also said that the second season will introduce more characters from other families (possibly the Starks), however, don’t expect the focus to move from Rhanyra’s and Alicent’s families. “We’re not gonna suddenly pull away from telling their stories. It’s just the nature of this thing; in season two, it really opens up the world in a big way and the sprawl grows quite a bit.” 

Release date: When will Season 2 of House of Dragon come out? 

Ryan Condal told Variety after the end of the first season that filming for the second season will begin in early 2023. According to reports, this will take place between January and March. However, whether the season will premiere next year, Condal told the outlet that’s “to be determined.” According to Deadline, HBO is eyeing a Summer 2024 release. 

How many episodes will Season 2 have? 

Per Deadline, Season 2 of House of the Dragon will be shorter, with eight episodes. This because the network is aiming to greenlight a third and, likely, a fourth and final season, per the reports. 

House of the Dragon: Who will return for Season 2?

As its star Matt Smith explained on an episode of the Happy Sad Confused podcast talking about the Episode 6 10-year jump, “Once we make the jump, we’re in. I’m pretty sure from then on there’s not any big huge time jumps, particularly next season and the one after.” So, expect the same actors, including Emma D’Arcy and Olivia Cooke, for the next season but new characters are going to be introduced, including the Starks.