The return of Cobra Kai with its fifth season seems to promise big numbers for the streaming platform's statistics. Fans were eagerly awaiting the continuation of the plot to know what happens with the students, dojos and senseis. The show has established itself as one of the most watched of the entire franchise and that has given a lot to talk about its future.

Nothing has been confirmed, so it is not known if there will be a sixth season or more films that relate to the world of the Karate Kid. The original trilogy was the one that captivated a whole generation of viewers many years ago and created a solid fan base that came back for more content, opening their hearts to Cobra Kai.

From the first episode of the new series we could see how several classic and iconic characters were coming back to the screen. As was the case of Terry Silver (played by Thomas Ian Griffith), who opened multiple dojos throughout the valley for revenge and resentment, but not before betraying John Kreese, who is played by Martin Kove.

Cobra Kai: On which platform is the fifth season available?

Today the fifth season of Cobra Kai premiered and all 10 episodes are now available on Netflix. Several reviews have already started to emerge and it seems that the parorama is quite positive. We are in the endgame now and it's time to get the idea that the series that captivated the audience won't last much longer, especially after seeing how the streaming service handles lately.

William Zabka, who plays Johnny Lawrence, spoke in an interview about the future of the franchise and sowed quite a few doubts. "Yes, there's no end game at all, we'll keep this going for another ten seasons. [laughs] There is an ending. I'm sure it all points to a place on the map. It's a question of how many we'll get to do that, but there's definitely an ending", he confirmed.