Ric Flair is synonymous with wrestling as Tom Brady is with the NFL. Flair, born Richard Morgan Fliehr, was able to create one of the greatest wrestling personas in the sports history. Flair was a mix of style, with his Gordon Gekko like flashy presence, and a big mouth with his Mohammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., and when it got really crazy, Hector “Macho” Camacho like bravado. Flair boasted about living large and flying high, and outside the ring he lived his gimmick as they say. Flair has been married 5 times and has claimed to have slept with over 10,000 women!

Nonetheless the stories about how Ric Flair would often spend the night partying and then go to a packed arena and wrestle for 45 minutes to 1 hour are endless. Even in his 40’s, when he went to the WWE, his then manager Bobby Heenan said Flair was just a party animal.

Still, for everything that went on outside the ring, inside the ring many promotions that Ric Flair worked for showed tremendous faith in him as he won an amazing 42 wrestling championships in his career. So which titles did Ric Flair win during his career? We will break down the 42 championships.

Ric Flair’s wrestling championships

Ric Flair won a total of 42 titles in his career, of which the belts include, WCW World Heavyweight Championship (7 times), WCW International World Heavyweight Championship (2 times), NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship (3 times), NWA (Mid Atlantic)/NWA Television Championship (2 times), NWA (Mid Atlantic)/WCW United States Heavyweight Championship (6 times), NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Championship (3 times), NWA World Tag Team Championship (Mid-Atlantic version) (3 times), NWA World Heavyweight Championship (9 times), and NWA Missouri Heavyweight Championship (1 time).

During his run in the WWE, Ric Flair was able to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (2 times), the WWE World Tag Team Championship (3 times), and the WWE Intercontinental Championship (1 time). That’s a lot of bling, something Ric Flair is very used to.