Actress Sarah Hyland is mostly known for her role as Haley Dunphy in the sitcom “Modern Family,” which also helped her gain critical acclaim and awards. However, she has now moved on to become a TV personality and, recently, she tied the knot with former The Bachelorette contestant Wells Adams. 

Hyland, 31, and Adams, 38, met in 2017, after they started engaging with each other on Twitter while he was a contestant in “Bachelor in Paradise.” That same year, Hyland had to undergo a second kidney transplant and he stayed with her during her recovery. 

The pair, who live together in Los Angeles, announced their engagement in 2019 and they got married on August 20. With a wedding so elegant and a reportedly engagement ring of $175,000-$200,000, many people wonder how much is Hyland worth. Here, check it out. 

Sarah Hyland’s net worth in 2022: How much has the actress made?

Hyland started acting very young. She had her first film role at age of seven in “Private Parts,” as Howard Stern's daughter. Then, she had other minor roles in productions such as "Object of My Affection” and the soap opera "Another World." 

With training in singing and dancing, Hyland also had a successful career in theater. She made her stage debut at age 11 with a production of "Annie" in New Jersey. Of course, her big break came with “Modern Family,” which also helped her book other works such as “Geek Charming” or “Scary Movie 5.”

According to reports, Hyland made around $15,000–$25,000 per episode during the first few seasons. However, in 2012, she and all the kids on the show negotiated salaries increases to $70,000 per episode. According to a Deadline report in 2017, Hyland earned more than $100,000 per episode in Seasons 9 and 10. 

So, how much has Hyland made including other ventures? Per Celebrity Net Worth, Hyland has an estimated net worth of $14 million. This year she appeared on Prime Video’s “My Fake Boyfriend” and as a host of Season 4 of Love Island.