Donald Trump will declare himself the winner of the 2020 Presidential Elections, if he is ahead on electoral votes sources have confirmed. Even if many votes and key states still need to be counted, and if he appears to be ahead, Trump will try to get it out there that he indeed has won the election.

According to various reports, the Trump camp is trying to sway the election in favor of the President as a way to claim that mail-in ballots that are counted after November 3rd, a count that will most likely favor democrats, is evidence of election fraud. In order for Trump to make the claim he has won the election he will need to be ahead in key states such as Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Iowa, Arizona and Georgia.

Social media companies have positioned themselves to label any post or tweet that has information that could be misleading or false. Here are how social media companies plan to spread the right kind of information on election night.

Twitter Protocol


Twitter will only confirm results from news outlets ABC, NBC, CBS, AP, Fox News, CNN, and Decision Desk HQ. The company will label any tweet, even those of the President himself, that don’t cite these credible news outlets. 

Facebook Protocol

Facebook will confirm results from National Election Pool, Reuters, AP, NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox.  The company will label any content that posts election results prematurely. 

Snapchat Protocol

Snapchat will take down any content that makes premature calls or that has not been verified. Snapchat will also take down any misleading information.