Hugh Jackman was one of the latest trends, as it was announced his incorporation as Wolverine in the next Ryan Reynolds and Marvel Studios movie, Deadpool 3. It is scheduled for release on September 6, 2024, so we still have to wait about a year to see the two friends collaborate.

The last time the actor appeared in the skin of his mythical character was for Logan in 2017 and James Mangold's acclaimed film brought the superhero's story to a close. The conclusion made the introduction of Laura Kinney (aka X-23) to the comics possible. 

Jackman has established himself as one of the most versatile and well-rounded actors in the entertainment industry. He has participated in multiple major productions that have taken him to the top of stardom over the years and successes. Here is a list of his best films and where to find them.

What are Hugh Jackman's best movies and where to watch them?

1. X-Men

The X-Men are beings who possess incredible and dangerous powers derived from extraordinary genetic mutations. Under the tutelage of Professor Xavier, their powers are put to the service of good. Now they must protect the world from Magneto.

Available on Disney+.

2. Kate & Leopold

Kate McKay is a dynamic New York executive who meets all the requirements for success in her professional life. She is a true 21st century businesswoman. Leopold, the third Duke of Albany, is the perfect late 19th century gentleman, charming and unmarried.

Available on fuboTV and Hulu.

3. Van Helsing

The famous monster and murderer Gabriel Van Helsing is sent to Transylvania to help Valerious defeat Count Dracula. The latter plotted an unholy alliance with Dr. Frankenstein's monster and has placed a curse on his family.

Available on Hulu and Peacock.

4. Real Steel

In the not too distant future, boxing is robotic: the fights no longer pit human beings against each other, but sophisticated machines designed to fight. Charlie Kenton, a former boxer who almost made it to glory, is going through a rough patch as a fight promoter, so one day, after finding an old discarded robot, he decides to train it.

Available on HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video.

5. Les Misérables

After 19 years as a prisoner, Jean Valjean is released by Javert, the officer in charge of the prison work force. Valjean violates his freedom and later uses the stolen money to reinvent himself as mayor and factory owner. For his part, Javert promises to take Valjean back to prison. Eight years later, Valjean becomes the guardian of a child named Cosette after the death of her mother, but Javert's persecution means that peace will be slow in coming.

Available on Netflix.

6. The Wolverine

Logan manages to save himself and rescues a Japanese officer. Now, this officer will send a young woman to locate him. Wolverine will have to face a steel samurai, while inside himself he fights against his own immortality.

Available on HBO Max.

7. Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

The tablet that brings the 'guests' of the American Museum of Natural History back to life has begun to deteriorate, and the only way to restore it seems to be at the British Museum. Larry decides to travel to London to help his friends.

Available on Disney+.

8. Pan

A baby is abandoned by his mother at the gates of an orphanage in 1970s London. Before leaving, his mother tells him how much she loves him and gives him two things: a letter left in his clothes and a pendant in the shape of Pan's flute. At the age of 12, Peter is transported one night to a fantastic world of pirates and fairies called Neverland.

Available on Netflix.

9. The Greatest Showman

P.T. Barnum indulges his imagination to create the Barnum & Bailey Circus in the 19th century. With musical numbers, exotic performers and feats, the fascinating show takes the world by storm to become the greatest show on Earth.

Available on fuboTV and Disney+. 

10. Free Guy

A bank teller discovers that he is actually a paperless character in a brutal interactive world video game.

Available on HBO Max and Disney+.

11. Reminiscence

A private investigator navigates the dark world of the past to help his clients access lost memories. His life changes forever when he uncovers a conspiracy while trying to solve the mystery of a missing client.

Available on HBO Max.

12. Logan

Years have passed and mutants are in decline. Logan, weak and tired, lives away from everyone until he accepts a last mission from Charles Xavier: to protect a special young woman, named Laura Kinney but known as X-23, the last hope of the mutant race.

Available on fuboTV and Disney+.