The eye of the media scandals now face Iman Shumpert as the 2021 'Dancing With the Stars' Champion was sent under custody at the Dallas Airport when he tried to travel to Los Angeles on Saturday. Same as Miles Bridges, he isn't the only NBA player in recent incidents with the law.

During his 10-year NBA career, Iman Shumpert shared with many stars but most importantly he won the NBA Championship Ring alongside stars such as Kyrie Irving, LeBron James and J.R. Smith, who also got troubles with the law recently.After Shumpert's last season in the NBA with the Nets, he got to participate in the 30th season of Dancing with the Stars.

He paired up with professional dancer Daniella Karagach. The Shumpert-Karagach were announced the winners, making it her first win as a professional and him the first NBA player to to make it to the finals and win. Now, he is facing up charges in Dallas, check out the reason.

Why Iman Shumpert got arrested?

According to a report from TMZ Sports, "officers responded to a potential drug violation call around 2:40 PM ... after TSA screeners found a plastic bag filled with a "green leafy substance" in Shumpert's bag, which he admitted was weed, according to police reports."

The TMZ report also mentions, "The report adds 32-year-old Shumpert -- who was set to board a Delta plane to Los Angeles at 3 PM -- expressed concern about missing his trip to visit his daughter ... but the responding officer informed him he would not be making that flight, as he was being placed under arrest for marijuana possession."

Shumpert will face charges as a "State Jail Felony" for this incident. Thefore, if he is convicted he could face up at least a $10,000 fine with a 2-year sentence. Also, the former Nets player was placed  in handcuffs and transported to the airport jail without incident.