Netflix confirmed that the fourth season of Manifest will be divided into two volumes. The show now produced by the streaming service, after NBC's cancellation, has been making waves for a while now. The supernatural drama will arrive on the platform on November 4, more than a year after it was not renewed.

Before its cancellation, the series entered the top 10 most watched programs in several countries. This was what encouraged Netflix to produce a fourth and final season, as it was not in the plans to consolidate as one of the best in the catalog. 

This final installment will follow Michaela Stone, played by Melissa Roxburgh, as she investigates part of a grand conspiracy. Not much has been revealed about the cast, but it is known that Josh Dallas and JR Ramirez will be back, giving life to their iconic characters: Ben Stone and Jared Vasquez.

Manifest is based on a true story?

During the course of the series we could see how a plane disappears completely and they lose all hope of contacting it again. The first case that suge is that of Malasyian Airlines Flight 370, which vanished on March 8, 2014. That's when viewers began to doubt the plot's story, especially if it really told of a true event. 

The answer is no. Manifest is not based on the true story of the flight. However, there is a link between the case and the series. Jeff Rake, the show's showrunner, acknowledged during an interview for SYFY that the air tragedy plays a fundamental role in the program, beyond the fact that the idea for the show came before it happened. 

Rake stated that the idea came to him during a family trip to the Grand Canyon while thinking about "togetherness" and "separation". He tried to merge a concept between the ideas but to no avail at the time. When the flight disappeared, he felt his idea had become a little more real. The showrunner states that "in the context of Malaysian Air", people began to have an interest in bringing the complex chronologies and mysteries of the series to life.