Former Bayern Munich defender Jerome Boateng will appear in a German courtroom on Thursday September 9th to defend himself from accusations filed by his ex-wife and mother of his two children, known publicly as Sherin S.

As reported by Marca, the case against Boateng goes back to 2018 when his ex-wife Sherin S claims that the German national team defender assaulted her during a holiday trip when an argument among the two turned violent in 2018. Boateng’s team claim the allegations come from “third parties” and are “unproven”.

Jerome Boateng private life has been in the news recently as back in February his ex-girlfriend Kasia Lenhardt was found dead in her apartment. Boateng is set to “take the stand” so to speak as he will answer questions about the 2018 incident with his ex-wife.

How long could Jerome Boateng be in jail if found guilty?

If found guilty, the now Lyon defender could face up to five years in jail. Reports indicate that a verdict could be issued as early as Thursday.  Boateng recently moved to France following a move to Lyon on a free transfer.

The trail will also determine the custody of the couple’s two children, which is the matter at hand of the separation proceedings. The trail was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic when a witness tested positive for coronavirus.

Boateng is trying to put the tragedy of the dead of his former girlfriend behind him, Kasia Lenhardt and Boateng broke up after the Polish model allegedly crashed Boateng's Mini Cooper, amid accusations between the two of infidelity and blackmail. She was found dead in her Berlin apartment in February of this year.

On the soccer side, Jerome Boateng, played 29 games for Bayern Munich last season and at 33 embarked on a new adventure in France. Still, that could all come to a halt if he is found guilty by the German court.