John Cena was not always known as the great actor he is today. Before he got into acting, he was one of the main faces of WWE as a wrestler. With his popularity comes a huge fan following. Cena leads an elegant lifestyle but has simple tastes, he loves to spend his wealth on things that matter.

He owns a huge home in Tampa worth $3.5 million. According to The Sports Rush, the wrestler bought the lavish mansion the year of his pro wrestling debut. But that's not all, he also likes to own stylish Vince McMahon-inspired clothes and show off high-end cars. His love for automobiles has led him to buy a rare model called Chevy Corvette ZR1. He was the 73rd person to buy this machine.

In addition to having good taste, Cena has proven more than once how caring he is. The actor fulfilled the dream of 19-year-old Misha Rohozhyn. Recently, he took a trip to a residence outside Amsterdam to connect with a fanatic who fled Ukraine with his mother. 

John Cena's salary as Christopher Smith

James Gunn's series (director of Guardians of the Galaxy), has agreed with HBO Max and the actor for a second season. This is Cena's first time reprising his character of anti-hero Christopher Smith, aka Peacemaker, from Suicide Squad.

For the first season of the series, Cena earned a $500,000 salary for Peacemaker in 2022, leaving him as the highest paid actor in the cast. The budget they had to make the series is still unknown, but the former wrestler is happy to get back into the skin of his character. 

"Discovering and finally becoming Peacemaker has been a way to explore the funny and absolutely genius mind of James Gunn. It's been a privilege to work on this series with the cast, crew and HBO Max. I'm excited to return and create more peace in season 2", Cena posted on his social media.

John Cenas's salary in WWE 

According to Style and Celebrity Net Worth, he was the highest-paid wrestler of WWE at some point. In 2016, he earned US$5 million from the company and a total of US$9.5 million from other projects. Today he earns a salary of $8.5 million through WWE.

His wrestling career began in Ultimate Pro Wrestling in Southern California, and in 2000 he enrolled at Ultimate University. Due to his great physique, he eventually took up bodybuilding, where he used the pseudonym Prototype. Soon after he was promoted and ended up winning the heavyweight championship of the company, and shortly after he signed a contract with the WWE franchise. 

As the years went by, Cena became one of the top names in wrestling and in the company. His face was everywhere and he had become famous as Captain America, using the slogan Never Give Up. After winning many titles as a wrestler, he chose to devote himself to acting, although he occasionally makes an appearance on the company's shows. It is been estimated as of the year 2022 that the wrestler turned actor is the owner of $80 million.