Donald Trump had a difficult time with members of the sports world, he had spats with some of the top players of the NBA and NFL. Nonetheless, there are members of the sports community that have lent their support to the president during the US 2020 Election .

While Donald Trump did take a strong stance against illegal imigration, especially those immigrants that are coming from Latin American countries, Trump did have 75 million people vote for him, and many of them were Latinos.

Henry Cejudo, Jorge Masvidal, Mariano Rivera, and Tito Ortiz are just four of the biggest Latino athletes that came out in favor of the president during his re-election campaign. Here is the relationship of these four athletes with President Donald Trump.

Mariano Rivera - Former Yankee pitcher

President Donald Trump (L) presents the Presidential Medal of Freedom to former New York Yankees player Mariano Rivera. (Getty)

The ex- Yankee closer Mariano Rivera was awarded the Medal of Freedom in September 2019. Rivera has praised the President and defended him. "He was a friend of mine before he became President," Rivera told "Fox & Friends" in July 2019. "So, because he's President, I will turn my back on him? No. I respect him."

Tito Ortiz – MMA Fighter

Mixed martial artist Tito Ortiz, adult actress Jenna Jameson, and Donald Trump attend the Affliction Banned at the Honda Center July 19, 2008 in Anaheim, California.

Tito Ortiz expressed his support for the President in 2019 when he appeared on Fox Business to make his political affiliations known. "I walk with a 'Make America Great Again' hat — Latinos for Trump," he stated.

Henry Cejudo - MMA Fighter

Cejudo is the son of Mexican immigrant parents and in a recent event in Phoenix held for Donald Trump, Cejudo was there and stated that he was raised by a single mother after his father was deported for committing crimes. He ended by saying “Getting backlash as a Latino, you know what that tells me? That there’s a lot of ignorance in this game. I love Trump!

Jorge Masvidal -  MMA Fighter

Jorge Masvidal voiced his support for Donald Trump at a rally in October, stating that he would campaign for the President in South Florida and be a “Fighters Against Socialism”. Masvidal is the son of Cuban parents and has lived in Miami ever since they fled Cuba. He wants to sway the Hispanic vote in Florida in favor of the president.