And they lived happily ever after... After a wild two weeks which saw Wanda Nara post Instagram stories that insinuated that Mauro Icardi had “cheated” on her by having an online back and forth with Argentine actress “China” Suárez, it appears that all is now forgiven, and the PSG striker can get back to playing soccer.

The fallout of those chats was a public nightmare for Icardi who saw his wife later upload pictures without her wedding ring on and rumors that she was pursuing a divorce. María Eugenia Suárez later revealed that Icardi had told her that he only loved Nara “as a sister or mother” and that she was misled to believe that they had broken up or were seeking to break up.

Now after unfollowing everyone on Instagram except his wife, Icardi penned her a letter which apparently won back the heart of the mother of his children, Wanda Nara. Here are parts of the letter that Icardi wrote to Wanda Nara.



Mauro Icardi’s “love letter” to Wanda Nara

Parts of the letter were revealed by Argentine gossip journalist Yanina Latorre in Los Angeles de la Mañana. At one point in the letter Icardi wanted Nara to know he was not interested in material things writing: "I'm not interested in material things. I always gave those things to you. I'm a millionaire, but dress in H&M and Amazon clothes. You know that well.”

“Once again I showed you things as I told you," Icardi wrote, "I never lied to you or made things up, I just made a bad mistake.” Icardi continued by explaining that getting a divorce was a bad idea: "I told you to ask for a divorce, but on the inside it's the worst thing that could happen to me.”

"I'm a good person and I gave you my all. You know it, everyone knows it. I'm a great father, I give my life for my daughters and I'm proud of that. I'm a great stepfather too, and from the first minute I've given my life for those children to make them happy. I don't need anybody to say it because I know it.”

"As a result of all of this, I cannot continue putting up with your mistreatment of me, your neglecting of me, you being an %^&*()& with me like always. All of this and more. I'm not a piece of ^&*( and I don't deserve this. I hope you'll be happy with your material things. Now, you want to *&*% it up, you want to write messages with those guys. I hope the next footballer is one percent of what I was to you. You ruined everything over a &%^##$ chat that meant nothing to me. You're blind and you can't see beyond the phone. You just want &^**$%#@ and to send things to the press. I never would have expected it from you, but I'm real and I know that people change.”

The letter concluded with, “Thank you for all that we were. Thank you for the two daughters you gave me. Thank you for giving me the support I needed and sorry for being the %^&% that I was, and to lose everything for one mistake. I hope you're happy, you deserve it, even if you don't find it by my side."