Like the classic song states, Chivas fans are having a Blue Christmas. The historical Liga MX team still misses those times, almost 5 years ago, when it achieved its last titles with Matias Almeyda as a coach. The present is not bright for the Rebaño Sagrado and its fans suffer.

In 2021, el Rebaño Sagrado was not able to qualify to Liga MX playoffs. The statistics smash the club: in the last 8 tournaments (not included the Clausura 2020, suspended due to pandemic), Guadalajara could just be part of the Liguilla one time, on Apertura 2020

Furthermore, the current Transfer Window has not noticed Chivas' power yet. America, Toluca, and Tigres have announced high-quality arrivals to their rosters, but not the Rojiblancos. This is a powerful reason for its fans to not expect a bright future for their beloved club. They have shown their anger and disagreement on social media

The devastating display of the satiety of Chivas fans  

Social Media do not lie: in them, it can be found the real sensations and feelings of any soccer club supporters. They are an accurate thermometer of the current fans' status and every team should be fully aware of it. 

On Twitter, a furious Chivas fan complained directly to the club's owner, Amaury Vergara. The message was raw: "Thanks for the team: it is such a gross". However, the graphic reinforcement was even more brutal: the team's jersey was on fire. 

If el Rebaño Sagrado wants to return to the triumph road, and recover its fan trust, it must do something quick. The Liga MX Clausura 2022 is starting soon (January 6), and the team's roster needs, urgently, to be strengthened to fight for the title.