Chris Hemsworth is, arguably, one of the most fit actors in Hollywood and he plays one of the most beloved superheroes. However, the 39-year-old Australian is also human, and he is worried about growing old and all the changes that come with it. So, he will be in a quest to become his healthier version and the secret of longevity in his new series “Limitless” for National Geographic. 

Much in the same spirit of Netflix’s “Down to Earth with Zac Efron,” the Thor actor traveled around the world talking with world-class experts, scientist and doctors to take up a series of challenges to get out of his comfort zone, and learn the limits of the human body, while also discovering the best way to improve health and live a better, stronger and longer live. 

In the first trailer for the series, Hemsworth is joined by his brother Liam, who is known for The Hunger Games series, as well as his wife Elsa Pataky. While Hemsworth is determined, he will also show his most vulnerable side, talking about his fears. Here, check out all we know about this docuseries. 

What is “Limitless” about? 

Hemsworth will meet with scientists, doctors and learn about traditions all over the world to know and test the limits of the human body. The challenges include really extreme situations such as climbing a 100-foot rope dangling over a canyon, swimming 800 feet across a 36-degree Arctic fjord or walking along a crane atop a 900-foot-tall skyscraper. The idea is to learn how we can improve our health and combat aging. 

Who are the experts that will appear in “Limitless”? 

In the series, alongside Hemsworth and his family, there will be several experts guiding him and helping throughout the process:

Ross Edgley, extreme athlete and sports science author 
Dr Peter Attia,longevity physician 
Modupe Akinola, associate professor of management at Columbia Business School 
Dr Sharon Sha, clinical associate professor and associate vice chair of clinical research neurology and neurological sciences for Stanford Center for Memory Disorders 
Dr. BJ Miller, president and counselor at Mettle Health 
Alua Arthur, death doula and founder of Going with Grace 
Tanya Streeter, professional free diver 

When is “Limitless” coming out? Where can I watch it? 

The series, which took years to make, produced by the Academy Award nominated director Darren Aronofsky, will begin streaming on November 16th exclusively on Disney+. It will have six episodes.