Juventus star Paul Pogba is dealing with an unexpected issue leading up to the World Cup, an extortion plot by an organized gang of which is led by his brother Mathias, a journeyman soccer player. The whole thing began with a family dispute in which, according to Paul Pogba, an organized gang began demanding money from him.

Paul Pogba did pay the gang 100,000 euros, which includes childhood friends and Mathias Pogba according to the former Manchester United star. Why the gang is extorting him has not been determined, but it is reported that the group asked for as high as 13 million euros at one time.

Mathias Pogba went on a social media tirade during the weekend accusing his brother of going to a witch doctor to putting a ‘spell’ on Kylian Mbappe. Mathias Pogba also stated that his brother ‘left him to die’ in a certain case.

Mathias Pogba statements about brother Paul

On social media Mathias Pogba stated, "My little brother who is finally starting to show his true colours… It's not about the money’ then went on to state, "You got me involved against my will, I almost died because of you, you left me in the hole and you want to play innocent, when all is said and done people will see that there is no one more cowardly, more treacherous and more hypocritical than you on this earth."

Mathias Pogba helped establish a foundation for his brother that helps provide drinking water and education for children in Guinea. Paul Pogba had already told authorities that armed and masked men threatened the World Cup winner back in March.

According to the Pogba family Mathias actions come as ‘no surprise’ given the influence he has had by Paul’s former childhood friends. French authorities are continuing their investigation.