Well, it seems like there will be a happy ending after all. Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi reconciled after a heavy publicized feud. Initially, the PSG player was accused of having an affair with Argentine actress María Eugenia Suárez and the scandal even interfered with his training. 

Nara herself shared the news about the reconciliation on an Instagram post on Monday. She explained that the whole situation left her feeling “deeply hurt” and she asked Icardi for the divorce “every single day." They actually signed an agreement to end their marriage but after all he wrote her a letter that regained her trust. 

“The day after we signed the agreement, he wrote me a letter like no one ever had written to me before," she explained on her Instagram post. And what did the letter say? “I gave you my all and you have it all, I wish you can be happy because that would make me happy too," Mauro wrote her. And, ladies and gentlemen, as Taylor Swift would say, that’s how you get the girl. 

Nara forgives Icardi: “I don’t have anything if I’m not with him” 

In the lengthy post, Nara said that after they signed to get legally separated and read Icardi’s letter, she realized that “even having it all didn’t mean nothing” if she wasn’t with him. After all that happened, she is “sure that this bad time we go through will make us stronger as a couple and as a family." 

“What’s important is that we both had the liberty to put an end to our history of eight years but, with the soul tiring of crying, we freely decided to choose us again,” she concluded. Even the coldest hearts would have felt something with that line, don’t you think? 

The reconciliation comes after days of rumors about the couple's possible divorce and separation. Wanda Nara is also Icardi’s agent apart from being a social media influencer, model and businesswoman. They have two children together.