Argentine entertainer Wanda Nara and Paris Saint-Germain soccer player Mauro Icardi have been the talk of the press for a while now. Their marriage has slowly turned into a TV soap opera. The two were on the verge of official divorce two weeks ago.

Icardi did not even train or play for PSG to save his marriage. After calming down, Wanda Nara revealed that her husband did not cut off communication with the Argentine actress, Eugenia China Suarez.

She allegedly received the videos that China Suarez sent to her husband from players from the national team of Argentina. This would have probably put an end to their marriage. Wanda Nara left Paris with the children once again and returned to Milan.

Wanda Nara could bankrupt Mauro Icardi if they divorce

Argentine journalist Debora D'Amato has calculated that in a divorce, Wanda Nara is expected to collect all of Mauro Icardi's earnings. The Paris Saint-Germain strike would have to pay her an incredible €70 million, which is practically everything he has earned in his career so far, i.e his net worth.

"The Luxury cars and the real estate are in her possession. They have seven cars and five houses in Italy and Argentina," D'Amato said. In addition to being her husband's agent, Wanda Nara also owns the rights to Icardi's sporting image. She is the one who gives permission when his name can be used for commercial purposes and understandable, she is paid a lot for it.

The Argentine entertainer and soccer agent obviously knows her legal documentation, so it is logical that she decided to protect herself if a divorce happens. It is clear that Icardi has at least 70 million reasons to save the marriage.