It’s been a while since Rihanna has released music. Five years to be exact since she delivered Anti, which was nominated for two Grammy Awards, and received praise from fans and critics. However, her music, no matter how much time passes, still inspires people today. Including Mia Khalifa. 

While Khalifa claimed fame starring in adult-content videos, she has now ressurged as a Tik Tok star, with more than 8 million followers, webcam model and Youtuber and a sports commentator. On Twitter, she has been very vocal about several current problems such as racism or women’s discrimination, including her own fight against the adult-film industry. 

On Instagram, however, she had a candid moment when she shared how Rihanna’s music made her the person that she is today and how much it means to her. Especially the album Unapologetic, which was released in 2012 and included singles such as Diamonds and Stay. 

Mia Khalifa to Rihanna: “Unapologetic changed my life” 

Khalifa said that Unapologetic was her “spiritual awakening, sexual awakening, my everything all-in-one” to her 26 million followers on an Instagram live, while she unpacked a special edition of the album. 

The social media star said that the album “changed” her life and gave her a “personality”. She also was excited to see a t-shirt that came with the vinyl version, and the couple of lyrics, “for four times the price it initially was – Rihanna, your hustle, there is nothing I respect or love more than that.”

While Rihanna hasn’t responded to the praise, the Barbadian singer has plenty of things to celebrate, as she recently became a national hero in her home country after the island officially became a republic.