Miley Cyrus is back once again with her New Year's Eve special and 2022 marks the second year in a row that she has been throwing one of the best live parties ever. This time the singer will have a new co-anchor and it is one of the closest loved ones in her life, so it will be very special for her and all the fans. 

In the 2021 edition we saw how Miley's New Year's Eve Party was hosted by the actress herself and the comedian Pete Davidson, who until not long ago was dating Kim Kardashian but not anymore, but is now in a couple with Emily Ratajkowski. In addition there are several figures who perform and present during the evening, so this year there will be completely new ones.

Jack Harlow, Saweetie, Anitta and Brandi Carlile were among the stars to participate. Jen Neal, executive vice president of E! News and NBCUniversal Television said in a statement to Deadline, "Miley's inaugural New Year's Eve party was a smashing success and we know this year's show will be just as spectacular, with lots of surprises and lots of fun. We can't wait to get the party started".

Who will be the co-host of Miley Cyrus?

As Miley assured in her latest Instagram and Twitter post... new year, new cohost. Dolly Parton will be joining the singer for the Christmas Eve special. The Jolene performer is not only part of Cyrus' family but also her godmother and they have performed together multiple times over the years. 

We've seen them on Hannah Montana, when Parton herself appeared as her godmother on the Disney Channel series as well. Before December even begins, they shared a promo video where they tell a little bit about what the night is all about and what it will be like. 

"Miley's New Year's Eve party is all about getting glammed up and dressing your best", they are heard saying. On the other hand, Cyrus announced who will be performing during the course of the evening. They will be Sia, hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd, singer/songwriter Fletcher and Lily The Band.

Where will it be available for streaming?

This year, the two co-host stars will host the party live from Miami on December 31 and will premiere on NBC beginning at 10:30 PM ET, concluding around 12:30 AM.

In order to watch the special produced by Lorne Michaels and Cyrus, you must have access to cable network television packages, but if you don't, you can also stream it on Peacock.

The streaming platform currently has two separate plans for the user's convenience. The advertising plan costs $4.99 per month and the non-advertising plan costs $9.99 per month.