Millie Bobby Brown just turned 18 in February and is already one of the most relevant and sought after actresses in the industry. Her leap to fame came with Stranger Things, a series in which she currently continues, giving life to little Eleven, who possesses psychic powers. 

Thanks to her role in the series, the actress was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series at the age of 13. She is also the youngest person in history to appear on the TIME 100 list. She is undoubtedly one of the best actresses of her generation. 

The actress made her Hollywood debut in 2013, when she played the young Alice in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Her career continued to build from small roles, until 2016, when she was chosen to give life to the most important role of her career: Eleven. In 2019, she made her big screen debut with the sequel to a classic, Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Millie Bobby Brown's salary as Eleven

Eleven from Stranger Things has been the most important starring role of Millie's career to date. Currently, with the arrival of a new season, Millie's salary has roughly increased, but the exact figure has not yet been revealed. One factor to note is the huge popularity and plays that the fourth season had.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, in the show's first season, Brown's salary was $10,000 per episode, a total of $80,000 per season. For the second season, she was paid $30,000 per episode, $270,000 for the season. For the third season, Millie earned $300,000 per episode. The third season had 8 episodes, which means Millie earned around $2.7 million. 

Millie Bobby Brown's salary as Enola Holmes

According to PayCheck, Millie landed a $6.1 million contract to play the sister of the famous detective Sherlock. The 2020 film, Enola Holmes, is based on the Nancy Springer books, The Adventures of Enola Holmes.

Millie in addition to being the lead actress, is a producer. Both she and director Harry Bradbeer confessed in September 2020 the desire to make a sequel. And by April 2021, the development of the sequel was confirmed, with Brown and Herny Cavill in their respective roles.

Thanks to this additional role, Brown would be taking home an extra $500,000 in remuneration and in addition, she could also earn another $800,000 in bonuses if the film does well and is guaranteed $10 million on the sequel.

According to SensaCine, Enola Holmes was based on the first book titled The Case of the Missing Marquis, so the film sequel could follow the order and adapt the second novel. The Case of the Left-Handed Lady follows the protagonist as she searches for Lady Cecily Alistair, a woman who has gone missing. 

Millie Bobby Brown's salary as Madison Russell

According to The Blast, the actress earned around $1,000,000 for her role, and is even reportedly earning 5% for Godzilla merchandise that is sold widely around the world. After working in several high-impact productions, the actress has established herself as one of the highest paid teenagers in the industry. 

 In the film, her character is the daughter of the Monarch scientists, and she takes on an investigation with Josh Valentine and Bernie Haye, because she believes there is an Apex Corporation conspiracy about Godzilla's behavior. 

Millie Bobby Brown's Net Worth

Millie Bobby Brown has a net worth of 10 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The actress not only earns a large sum of money for her roles in series and movies. She also has her own makeup and skincare line, called Florence by Mills

The actress told WWD why she decided to venture into the world of beauty and skincare. "I've been sitting in a makeup chair since I was 10 or 11 years old, and I've really been taught all kinds of products. I wanted to get into that space because there was a void in the youth market. I could never find anything I liked to put on my face."

The brand's name has a very personal meaning for the actress, as she decided to nickname it Florence in honor of her grandmother. And besides, Mills is a nickname used by her family and some of her fans. She has always thought about every single detail when it comes to her brand. Some time ago, Millie confessed that she is targeting Generation Z, because she felt there was a gap in the market for people in her age group when it comes to looking for eco-friendly beauty products suitable for their skin type, according to Vogue.