Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area is Netflix's new bet, based on the Spanish heist drama series. It is set in the same universe as the original series, as they use the same names.

In this case, the series shows a hostage crisis situation set in the Korean peninsula, where characters with different skills intervene. We will be able to see a new version of Tokyo, Rio, Berlin, Denver, Nairobi, Oslo, Moscow and the Professor. 

It is already available on the platform and has 6 episodes that reflect the personalities of each of the characters involved. Written by Ryu Yong-jae and directed by Kim Hong-sun, they have not yet mentioned when the remaining 6 episodes will be released.

Money Heist: Korea cast

1. The Professor

Yoo Ji Tae debuted in 1995 as a model and the following year he was already acting in Korean TV and movies. He participated in productions such as Healer, Mad dog and When My Love Blooms. In this case, he plays one of the most important characters in the ramake, The Professor, who is the mastermind of the plan. 

With a calm exterior and great intelligence, he negotiates with the authorities to get what he wants and to be able to advise his team of thieves, until they achieve their goal: to carry out the biggest heist of all time and rob the Mint.

2. Tokyo 

She is played by 27-year-old actress Jeon Jong Seo, who started her career not long ago. But she already has awards such as the Baeksang Arts Awards for best actress for the horror film The Call. Also she participated in films such as Burning and Nothing Serious.

Tokyo is known to be impulsive, reckless and quick to lose her patience. Being able to control her emotions well, she expresses them very intensely. This often leads her to have problems with Rio. 

3. Berlin

Park Hae Soo is the one who brings Berlin to life. The 40-year-old actor is known for his role in the acclaimed series Squid Game. He has also been part of k-dramas such as Prison Playbook, Racket boys, Time to Hunt and God of War.

According to Money Heist Fandom, Berlin is arrogant, narcissistic, and considered a piscopath by his peers, but he is always flamboyant, professional, charming and elegant.  It is said that he has a pathological need to make a good impression.

4. Nairobi

Jang Yoon Ju is in charge of giving life to the robber Nairobi. She is considered one of the most important models in her country and was a judge in Korea's Next Top Model. Her acting skills led her to participate in projects such as Veteran, Three sisters and Citizien Deok Hee

Nairobi is one of the best characters in the series. She always comes across as enthusiastic and a great motivator of her teammates. Although she tends to be quite impulsive from time to time, which is why she strikes up a great relationship with Tokyo.

5. Denver 

Kim Ji Hun is the new cast to play the eloquent Denver. In 2002, he debuted in the industry and appeared in dramas such as Flower Boy Next Door, Please Find Here, Flower Of Evil and more. 

Denver is one of the more empathetic robbers. He comes across as a cold man, but proves to have a sensitive side as the series progresses.

6. Moscow

Lee Won Jong is an acting veteran and in this case he plays Moscow. He already has dozens of movies and dramas. He already has dozens of movies and dramas. He has also appeared as a supporting actor in The Guest, Delayed Justice, Ms. Hamurabi and more. 

Moscow is Denver's father, the kindest of the group. He has a great relationship with some of the robbers, so much so that he becomes a father figure.

7. Oslo

Lee Kyu Ho plays Oslo. In 2019, he participated in Hot Stove League and in 2020, he appeared in the series On the Hunt for Evil Spirits. He made his debut in 2002 drama series Beautiful Days while still a teenager. 

Oslo is the quietest thief of the group. He is Helsinki's cousin and is always seen together. He is one of the most introverted characters in the series. 

8. Rio

The 29-year-old actor and singer, Lee Hyun Woo, debuted in his childhood, landing roles in The Return of Iljimae and Queen Seondeok. Here, he plays the youngest member of the team, Rio. He has also been seen in To The Beautiful You and The Liar and His Lover. 

Rio is one of the most intelligent of the robbers, as he has been interested in programming since he was a child and was introduced to the world of programming at the age of 6. It could be said that he is a key character for the series.

9. Helsinki

Kim Ji Hoon plays the great Helsinki. He participated in projects such as Dr. Romantic, The Good Detective, The Golden Age of Daughters-in-Law, Love Marriage and Stars Falling from the Sky. In this case, cousins Helsinki and Oslo come from a gang in China.