On March 30, 2022, the Moon Knight series will arrive on Disney Plus, where Oscar Isaac will give life to a superhero with dissociative identity disorder (DID), which means that our protagonist has had different personalities in the comics. 

The role required the actor to commit to challenging character work opposite himself; in many scenes, he had to perform full sequences as Moon Knightand his multiple personalities. 

It was a challenge for Oscar Isaac that we can't wait to see. Here, we give you details about his character so you can understand this new series.

Steve Grant

This is the most intelligent of his personalities, he is in charge of managing our protagonist's finances, which allows Moon Knight to have a huge arsenal, vehicles, and state-of-the-art technology. He is a charming character, cultured and philanthropist.

Moon Knight

Under the light of the moon, this character represents the mission of the God Khonshu on earth, who gives him physical and mystical powers, which he uses to fight against criminals. He doesn't like to work in a team and doesn't talk very much, plus some superheroes/heroines prefer to avoid him.

Mr Knight

This personality has great detective instincts and wears a suit. In the comics, this character is hired to investigate a series of murders committed by Deadpool, who was brainwashed.

Marc Specter

This personality is a former military man and CIA agent, who becomes a mercenary and begins a collaboration with Bushman (A corrupt politician who acted as the villain known as Black Specter and betrays him in the middle of a mission in the desert). There our protagonist found the Temple of Khonshu, a place where his priorities change: now he wants to do good.

Jake Lockley

Last but not least: This personality is adapted by our protagonist when he does not want to be recognized, giving life to a rude and mysterious taxi driver, who runs like a thug through the darkest streets of New York City.