Easter or Resurrection Sunday commemorates Jesus' resurrection from the dead, a Christian celebration and holiday mentioned in the New Testament as having happened the third day after his death by the Romans at Calvary. It is a 40-day cycle of fasting, prayer, and penance at the end of the Passion of Jesus.

You dream of sugar sweets and eggs as you think of Easter treats. Eggs were associated as a sign of new life and the return of Jesus with Easter for long. In the thirties, jelly beans were connected with Easter.

Were you aware that more than 16 billion jelly beans are made every year for Easter in the United States? Yes, this is real! That is true! This will fill an 89-foot high, 60-foot-wide giant Egg.

Tic tac GUM on display at the Jingle Ball 2017. (Getty)

What is the most popular non-chocolate Easter candy in the United States?

No other Easter-themed sweets competed successfully with Peeps for over two decades. Every spring, more than 1,5 billion Pepps purchased and eaten during Easter are favored by both children and grownups alike.

The initial Peeps were pink, still the favorite. The second most common color/form combination list is for yellow bunnies, and the second most important color chart is pink. In 1953 Rodda Candy started automatically manufacturing Peeps.

In addition, Tic Tac makes a large Easter basket treat. The mint is always refreshing in the season. Moreover, children will have fun tossing the boxes and making music for themselves. Your sweets are still a favorite kid, too. Sour Punch added chicks and hair for the break.. These sweets have a fierce sour taste, but they also offer a hint of sweetness.