K-dramas continue to triumph on Netflix and more and more titles of this genre are being added to the service’s catalog. Now, it’s a boxing series that has been the one to catch all the attention, becoming one of the most watched.

Woo Do-Hwan is responsible for bringing to life the main character: Kim Geon-woo. Although the story revolves around him, several other great actors accompany him in the development of the plot.

Kim Joo-hwan is directing the project, which premiered just a day ago. The arrival of a second installment has not yet been confirmed, but several users have already begun to demand new episodes.

Bloodhounds is the most watched South Korean boxing series on Netflix

Bloodhounds is the new South Korean series that leads the list of most popular K-dramas. Despite having premiered only a day ago, the story consolidated itself as one of the most chosen by Netflix users.

“Two young boxers team up with a benevolent pawnbroker to take down a ruthless loan shark who preys on the most indebted… and desperate,” describes its official synopsis.