The Mother has been dethroned and it is a thriller released earlier this year that took the spot. Netflix has been adding great titles to its catalog and now a new story of disappearance is the one that has been consecrated as the most watched of all the streaming service.

The film is directed by Will Merrick and Nicholas D. Johnson, who were also part of the creation of the script with Sev Ohanian. The action thriller and suspense managed to captivate the attention of the platform’s users and has now become the most watched film in the country.

Reviews have been mostly positive and highlight the work of its main actors. Many viewers say that the development of the plot mixes several genres and even has some touches of horror, especially for its plot twist. Here, check which is the most watched production in the United States…

Missing is Netflix’s most watched action thriller in the US

Missing is the production that has taken the #1 spot in the top 10 most watched movies on Netflix in the US right now. The story stars Storm Reid as June, Tim Griffin as James and Nia Long as Grace, among other great actors.

“After her mother goes missing while on vacation, June sets out on a digital hunt to find her before it’s too late,” describes the official synopsis of the film according to IMDb.

It is a standalone sequel to the 2018 film Searching and joined the streaming platform’s catalog on Sunday, May 21, managing to rack up thousands of plays in just one week.