Do you believe in prophecies and predictions? And what about those people who claim they can see the future? Michel de Nôtre-Dame, more commonly known as Nostradamus, became famous - and infamous - all over the world in 1555, when he published the first edition of his book of prophecies. Obviously, said prophecies have been a subject of controversy ever since and that's not likely to change any time soon.

According to multiple analysts and experts, all the catastrophes and disasters that have happened in 2020 were seen and written by Nostradamus almost six hundred years ago, while others tend to believe that it's just gibberish.

Those who believe in Nostradamus as much as other people believe that The Simpsons also predict the future or that the end of the world is near as we've seen on countless bad movies, are trying to figure out what's next, and that's why today, we'll let you know about Nostradamus' predictions for 2021.

Nostradamus: Predictions For 2021

According to Nostradamus' sacred words, things aren't going to get much better in 2021. Yeah, that's a bummer, but we weren't the ones who wrote that “There will be such stress upon the Earth that its surface will crumble in places like a hard piece of clay. Some pieces will be forced against the others. This will cause certain areas to be pushed higher while others will disappear underwater," so don't blame us.

More importantly, Nostradamus foresaw a massive confrontation and a war, even though he did say that "Peace will be born out of the ashes of destruction" for those who survive, so there's that. And with all the tension that's been going on for years, some people believe he's talking about World War III.

Also, Nostradamus said that diseases will make the world suffer from hunger during months, which makes sense considering the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath in the world's less-favored countries.

Then again, on a way more positive note, the French prophet also claimed that there would be a huge breakthrough in medicine, so perhaps it won't all be that bad next year. Or at least that's the prophecy we choose to believe in.