Peru's 2021 general elections are coming closer. Peruvians will vote on Sunday, April 11, for President of the Republic, two Vice Presidents, all 130 members of the unicameral Congress, and five parliamentarians of the Andean Congress, for a five-year term between 2021 and 2026.

The candidate who gets the majority of votes will start governing in July. However, the upcoming election day would only determine the next President if he or she gets more than 50% of votes, otherwise, the top two candidates in this Sunday's results will go to a run-off election to be held in June. 

Whether or not the elections will finally go to a second round, Peruvians head to an important date to start deciding on their country's leaders for their next five years. After difficult times, the Republic of Peru faces an important election day in its Bicentennial of the Independence year.

2021 Peru elections are around the corner (Getty).

How and where to vote for the presidency of Peru 2021

Peruvian citizens living abroad have the right and duty to take part in the electoral process to vote for President, Vice Presidents, and Congressmen. For adults aged between 18 and 70 years vote is compulsory, having ID as well.

Having said that, the process to vote abroad is the following one:

  • 1 - First, check out in ONPE's service in which Embassy or Consular Office you have to vote and all the important information related. To make sure you don't miss anything, write down the information.
  • 2 - On election day, go to the Embassy or Consular Office assigned for you to vote, find out at which desk you are enrolled, and wait for your turn. It's important to attend on time.
  • 3 - When it's your turn, hand your ID to one of the members of the desk, and receive your ballot card. Go to the appropriate booth and choose your candidate marking with an X or + his or her's picture or the symbol of the chosen party.
  • 4 - Close your voting card with the security sticker and place it in the ballot box. Sign the voter list and place your fingerprint with your right index finger. Receive your ID back and check that it has the hologram of the election, once you do, you'll have fulfilled your right to vote.

How to vote for the Congress of Peru 2021

The process to vote for all 130 seats of Congress is the same one as voting for President, following the four steps mentioned above. However, when voting for parliamentarians, take into account that you can be more specific with your choice by placing the number of your favorite candidate in the preferential vote box.

How many and who are the candidates for the presidency of Peru?

There are 18 candidates for the Presidency of Peru who will be eligible in the Elections that will take place on Sunday, April 11. Check out the full list here:

Candidate Political Party
Yonhy Lescano Acción Popular
César Acuña Alianza para el Progreso
Hernando de Soto Avanza País
Andrés Alcantara Democracia Directa
Marco Arana Frente Amplio
Keiko Fujimori Fuerza Popular
Verónika Mendoza Juntos por el Perú
Julio Guzmán Partido Morado
Ollanta Humala Partido Nacionalista Peruano
Alberto Beingolea Partido Popular Cristiano
Pedro Castillo Perú Libre
Rafael Santos Perú Patria Segura
Daniel Urresti Podemos Perú
Ciro Gálvez  Renacimiento Unido Nacional
Rafael López Aliaga Renovación Popular
Daniel Salaverry Somos Perú
José Vega Unión por el Perú
George Forsyth Victoria Nacional

How the polls are going in Peru for the presidency

The voter intention ahead of the 2021 elections in Peru indicates that there's a tight competition between six candidates. Polls predict that these would be the results according to voters' intentions before election day on Sunday: 

  • Yonhy Lescano: 10%
  • George Forsyth: 8 %
  • Verónika Mendoza: 7.4%
  • Keiko Fujimori: 7.2%
  • Hernando de Soto: 7.2%
  • Rafael López Aliaga: 6.8%

At what time in the United States will the first official results be given to the Peruvian presidency

The 2021 elections in Peru will begin at 10 AM (ET) and will close at 8 PM (ET). It is expected that the count of votes will take between two and three hours, so the first official results of the Peruvian presidency would be known at 12:30 AM (ET) approximately