Despite putting up some decent numbers at Bayern Munich, James Rodriguez may now be remembered for being the “mastermind” of a forbidden night out with his Bayern teammates. During a preseason tour in the United States the German giants were playing high caliber opponents in Juventus, Manchester City, and Manchester United.

Bayern, who would eventually go on to win the Bundesliga title, had a good run of form in those matches and before the Manchester United game, Niko Kovac, the coach at the time, told the players that the team’s night out request was not granted, stating: "We have to be focused and concentrated. The first Bundesliga game awaits us in six weeks. Celebrating is not possible in preparation."

Well James Rodriguez took offense to that and he along with David Alaba, Rafinha and Franck Ribery organized a night on the town in Miami, and the group snuck out of the hotel the team was staying at and had a night filled with forbidden fun.

Bayern Munich players have a forbidden party night in Miami

According to Bild, the group of players went out and did not return until 6AM the following morning. James Rodriguez is said to have filmed much of the night's activities and shared them in a WhatsApp group created by those who were committing the infractions.

Kovac’s brother, Robert was an assistant manager at the time, saw the players leaving and did not speak to them or bring up the situation afterward. During the season Bayern did win three titles, all domestic, Bundesliga, DFB-Pokal, and the DFL-Supercup. 

Kovac, who now coaches Monaco,  was eventually sacked at the start of the following season, and the Bild report indicates that when management found out that Kovac did not hand out punishment to the players for their preseason night out it was a sign of not “respecting the manager” and began to lead to his sacking.