Ronaldinho dazzled the world on a soccer field like few others, his amazing ability with a soccer ball helped Barcelona and Brazil reach tremendous heights and his taking under his wing a certain Lionel Messi, led to one of the sport's most electrifying one-two punches ever.

Since his retirement from the game in 2015 Ronaldinho has led a strange life, last year the World Cup winner was sent to a Paraguayan prison for traveling with false Paraguayan identifications. After investigation it was determined that Ronaldinho and his brother were interested in launching an online casino and were going to use false documentation in the paperwork.

Ronaldinho is once again in the news as he has missed several maintenance payments to his ex-girlfriend Priscilla Coelho to which he needs to answer a court order to clear those debts or find himself again in a prison cell.

Ronaldinho back to jail?

According to the Daily Mail, Ronaldinho is currently in a legal battle with his ex-girlfriend Priscilla Coelho, the legal issue stems from Coelho claiming to have dated the former Barcelona star when he played in Atletico Mineiro (2012-2014) in which she was identified in court papers as his ‘common-law wife'.

According to reports out of Brazil, Coelho was paid around $18,000 in maintenance a month following arbitration as a provisional decision, of which Ronaldinho could appeal.

The Brazilian courts have ordered Ronaldinho to clear his debt with Coelho by December 1st to avoid a seizure of his assets and face prison time once again. Ronaldinho was last spotted in Dubai, and it has been reported he has been difficult to track down by Brazilian authorities.