Smile is the new project that aims to dive into the minds of viewers and play a very bad trick on them. The new psychological horror film is the work of director and screenwriter Parker Finn. The protagonist is none other than Sosie Bacon, daughter of two prestigious actors, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick. 

She will be accompanied by Kyle Gallner, Jessie T. Usher and Kal Penn, among other great actors. As Finn's frenetic story unfolds, the story plays to subdue the audience into not being able to distinguish what is happening in real life and what is happening in the world of the protagonist, Rose Cotter. 

Mental health will have a big place in the film, as the director believes that the recent media attention to mental health issues can make everyone understand the storyline better. "I wrote the script during the pandemic and I hope that you can get that fear, that sense of the unknown, the mixed feelings or isolation", he revealed during an interview.

Smile: What is the film about?

The official synopsis describes how after witnessing a bizarre incident involving a patient, Dr. Rose Cotter begins to experience terrifying events. Rose must confront her disturbing past in order to survive and escape her new reality.

"I wanted to create something that was intensely psychological, with chilling moments and that followed a character through a nightmarish mental journey", Finn said, adding, "The smile is almost always associated with happiness or being friendly, but it can also serve to mask your true feelings to the outside world".

Smile: When and where to see it

Smile will hit theaters nationwide tomorrow, September 30. It will be distributed by Paramount Pictures, so it is possible that it will arrive on the streaming service a few weeks after its release. 

Brian Robbins, president and CEO of the production company, stated that the film was originally planned to have a streaming release via Paramount+  (7 day free-trial) but they ultimately decided to release it theatrically first, due to solid results from test screenings.