Tom Holland ended 2021 on a high note. ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ surpassed the $1 billion box office mark and it has received great reviews by critics and fans, many noting how his Peter Parker has grown since we first saw him in ‘Captain America: Civil War’. And now, there is Oscar buzz around the actor… At least to host the ceremony. 

There’s actually a campaign for ‘No Way Home’ to run for the Best Picture category in the upcoming Academy Awards. While the Oscars are not inclined to superhero films, no one can deny that the latest Spider-Man film was the biggest film of the year and that its stars, Tom Holland and Zendaya, are two of the biggest names in Hollywood right now. 

While the prestige is still intact, it’s true that the Oscars ceremony has lost appeal to the audience, so it would make sense for Tom Holland (and Zendaya, for that matter) to take on the gig of hosting the biggest Hollywood night, scheduled to take place on March 27. Here, check out what the actor said about those rumors. 

Tom Holland on hosting the Oscars: “Of course I would” 

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Holland shared his feelings on the gig. While he first insisted he was too busy doing promo for his upcoming film ‘Uncharted’ and filming the AppleTV+ series, 'The Crowded Room'. However, he quickly backtrack on what he said, per the outlet: 

“You asking me about the Oscars — you’re the first person to bring that up — and I’m sitting here going, ‘Of course I would host the *** Oscars!,’” he explained. “I just went to the bathroom and I was looking at myself in the mirror and I was like, ‘What kind of *** idiot wouldn’t host the Oscars?’ So yeah, if they ask me to, I would, and it would be very fun. I would really enjoy it.”

It would be interesting to watch Holland take on the gig. However, the Oscars have been hostless since 2019, after Kevin Hart stepped down due to controversial tweets with homophobic remarks. Maybe a young person it’s exactly what the ceremony needs. What do you think?