It’s getting down to the wire, the final 24 hours before citizens from all over the country and ExPats abroad place their vote to decide who will become the next President of the United States in the US Election 2020. Democratic candidate Joe Biden is no stranger to this stage, as he was Barack Obama’s running mate in two presidential elections. He has already received the endorsement from many of the top athletes in the country.

Donald Trump on the other hand has received the endorsement of various sports personalities as well and it looks like this election will be tight right down to the end. Trump and Biden have very different opinions and stances on key issues such as immigration, the environment,  the economy, and social issues. Many predominant sports coaches have come out against Trump’s statements and policies over the last 4 years and recently some have taken a side officially and pledged their vote to the former Vice- President.

Coaches from the NBA, MLB, and NFL have all come out and lent their support to Joe Biden as he looks to become the 46th President of the United States of America. Here are the predominant coaches that will be in Mr. Biden’s corner come election night!

Steve Kerr – NBA Coach

Kerr has been very critical of Donald Trump’s Presidency; he even has gone as far as participating in a virtual phone bank to help raise awareness for voter turnout in Arizona. In said awareness campaign, he encouraged the voters to place their votes for Biden

Doc Rivers – NBA Coach

Joe Biden actually quoted Doc Rivers in one of his speeches, in the wake of Jacob Blake, Rivers, who when Kamala Harris was named Biden’s running mate said, “It’s just beautiful… Very cool to see them on the stage. We’ve had our first Black president in President Obama and now we have a chance to have not only a Black vice president but a woman as well.

Stan Van Gundy – Former NBA Coach

The new New Orleans Pelicans coach took to Twitter to lend his support to Biden stating: I support Joe Biden. But when has our country been dedicated to equality, liberty and human dignity? During slavery? Jim Crow? Unpunished lynchings? Mass incarceration?  Great to promote your ideals, but let’s not propagate a myth. Let’s be honest about who we are and have been.

Mike Holmgren – Former NFL Coach

The former Green Bay Packers coach recently stated that President Donald Trump failed to handle the COVID-19 pandemic, since the Packers are publicly owned he stated, "The people own the football team, and yet the stadium’s going to be empty… It didn’t have to be this bad, I don’t think." In the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

Bill O'Brien - NFL Coach

Before the start of the 2020 NFL season and during the protests over the murder of George Floyd, the former Houston Texans coach stated that he would kneel with his players during the anthem, a situation that goes against the thoughts of Donald Trump: “Yes, I will kneel (…) I am totally in favor. Players have the right to protest, to be heard, and to be who they are. They do not kneel because they are against our flag. They kneel because they have not been treated the same in this country for more than 400 years, "he said.

Alex Cora - MLB Coach

Alex Cora, a native of Puerto Rico, after the Boston Red Sox won the 2018 World Series declined to go with his team to the White House as all championship teams do. The reason? Cora felt the Trump administration handled the tragedy of Hurricane Maria, where more than 3,000 people died, poorly, and did not feel right attending. "That is our reality. It is quite difficult to go to celebrate at times when we are like this. I prefer not to go and be congruent with everything, "he said.

Gregg Popovich - NBA Coach

Perhaps no other high profile sports figure has been more vocal against the President than the San Antonio Spurs boss. Gregg Popovich has called Trump “A soulless coward”, a “deranged idiot”, and has called on all citizens of the United States to not vote for Trump saying, "For me, it is quite simple: a vote for Donald Trump is a vote against the very ideals on which our democracy was founded."