Stranger Things Season 4: Volume Two has arrived to break the Netflix platform. It captivated the audience in an intense and rarely seen way. It kept several generations on edge, waiting for the return of the critically acclaimed characters. The first season took us back to the 80's, in a small town called Hawkins in Indiana.

The plot brought the disappearance of Will Byers, the appearance of Eleven and the creation of a group of friends that over time becomes unbreakable. The second season is set a year later, in October 1982, when Will has already been rescued from the Upside Down, but this time they go after Eleven, who is connected to the other side. While the third season takes place only a few months later, starting in the summer of 1985, where the group of friends have already finished school and spend their vacation surrounded by mysteries and being stalked by new problems. 

Now, with the arrival of Vecna in the new chapters of season four, tensions and murders increase. At the same time, classic characters reappear and are ready to fight evil once again. Get ready fans, the beginning of the end is here

'Stranger Things Season 4: Volume Two': Memes and Reactions

Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays the new villain Vecna, confessed how terrified Millie Bobby Brown, better known as Eleven, was of him when he appeared as the character. According to Campbell Bower, Millie couldn't even look at him when she was under the prosthetics. "They took her to a position where she's strapped in. I approached her as Vecna and she burst into tears. She wouldn't look at me and was visibly upset about the whole thing. After she cried and I made it obvious to her that I knew it was me, one of the things she said was, 'I knew it was you when I could smell cigarettes,' because I'm a smoker," the actor told Variety

According to IndieWire, Stranger Things prosthetic designer, Barrie Gower, crafted a second skin for Bower that included 25 pieces of latex and silicone rubber glued to his body with a medical adhesive. The veins superimposed on top of Vecna's skin were mostly real, with only 10 percent CGI effects for the vine extensions. The actor's transformation took more than seven and a half hours each day, with his 3 a.m. call time to prepare for 10 to 12 hours of filming. 

Here are the best audience reactions and memes to the most iconic moments of Vecna and all the participants of this brand new fourth season: