The United States has a great fame for being known as the land of opportunities. Although many people around the world do what they can to come to the United States, it is incredible to see the differences in culture between each state. Every country has its own differences in regions, but there is no remarkable contrast like in the United States.

In fact, the differences can be polarizing, especially between northern and southern states. There are states that have glamorous cities, others have iconic locations, and some are literally known for having nothing and even their own citizens are proud of that fact.

In this ooportunity, we will show you pictures that represent each U.S. State.


 Natives of Alabama enjoy these kind of things (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

Natives of Alabama are very proud of their state and do what they can to defend it. In fact, they are not afraid to be creative in different ways, as you can see in the picture.

In the photo, a person made a small speedboat, which is powered by a car battery and has lawn chair. It is difficult for outsiders to understand, but people of Alabama enjoy these kind of things.


Nothing more Alaska than bears fighting on the street (Photo:

Alaska is popular for its cold weather and nature. It is also known for its wilderness, which makes it no surprise to see bears fighting with each other in middle of road.

You would think a bear fight would scare people off, but as you can see, people do not mind pulling over to watch and take a great picture.  


Wild fire are common due to Arizona's extreme heat (Photo: The Design Inspiration).

Arizona is well known for its extreme heat, especially during the summer months. Its dry hot air makes it a prime location for wild fires.

While mostly everybody prefers to use more serious ways of trying to prevent forest fires, Arizona natives prefer to use a funnier side of making that same announcement.


Hunting at its finest (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

Arkansas is known for being a great state to go hunting and apparently you can do it from the comfort of your own hot tub.

As you can see in picture, this person has his rifle pointed over his deck while sitting in his above-ground hot tub and still wearing his hunting cap to blend in with nature.


Nothing says California like a highway traffic jam (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

The state is well known for its glamorous cities, wonderful weather, and beaches. It is also popular for its big waves, which makes it a great location for surfing; and nothing says California like an accident on the highway because somebody’s surf board dropped on their car.

You would think this is something that only happens on occasion, but with the amount of surfers in the state, it ends up happening more often than people think.


This native is doing handstands in the mountains (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

Colorado tends to have a good reputation across the country. It could have something to do with the fresh air of the Rockies or the constant changing weather in the state. 

Whatever it is, natives of Colorado are always in a great mood and really do not care what others think as you can see in the picture, where this resident is doing handstands in the mountain. 


Natives actually have to pay to throw rocks (Photo: The Design Inspiration).

The sign at the bottom is a result of the state having a high per capita income and median household income, which means natives can actually afford to pay to throw rocks.

That being said, Connecticut apparently also is known to have seagulls that attack trespassers. At least the boats will be safe from any person who dares to take them on.


Delaware has no sales tax (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

Delaware has very friendly laws for businesses, which is why many companies have their headquarters in this state. Although Delaware is not the most popular in terms of attractions, consumers enjoy going for a simple reason.

There is no sales tax, which makes shopping tax free. In addition, the small town feeling around the state of Delaware makes residents and visitors feel welcome.


Always be careful when getting into your car (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

Temperatures can be unbearable in Florida, especially during the summer months. When parking your car, you have to find the ideal locations if you do not want your car burning when you get back.

If you cannot find a shady spot under a tree or do not have anything to protect your windshields, the only other way to avoid a burning car is if it begins to rain, which is something Florida gets a lot.


The word is mispelled, but their peaches are incredible (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

The state is popular for its many crops and is the top producer of pecans around the world. However, the most prized crops are their peaches, which are so popular they even appear on the state quarter.

Although the word is not spelled correctly on this shack, it is known for growing some of the juiciest peaches across the state of Georgia.


Natives need to be careful with erupting valcanos (Photo:

Although Hawaii may be known for its great weather, beaches, clear water, and surfing, it is also important to remember that islands are formed on volcanoes, some of which are still active.

The state has protocols in place as a volcano can erupt at any moment, but natives of the island need to care and know what to do in case there is an eruption.


Idaho's main attractions (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

The state is well known for producing potatoes and their famous mashed Idaho potatoes. However, when it comes to attractions, even Idaho natives are left with their heads scratching.

Idaho’s best attraction sight is Yellow Stone National Park, but most of the park is in Wyoming with some spreading into the state of Idaho.


Do not mess with these cops (Photo: The Design Inspiration).

This Chicago police SWAT car is quite intense and does not look like your typical squad car. Although the city is popular, Chicago has had a violent crime problem and is unfortunately known for the shootings that occur on the south side of the city.

That being said, Chicago is still a great city to visit. In addition, natives can briefly distract their minds by supporting their local teams, such as the Chicago Bulls, Cubs or White Sox.


Not sure if the sign is serious or not (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

Indiana probably does not get much attention, but the natives of this state are very friendly and are always welcoming of visitors that come through.

Along with being friendly, they also have a great sense of humor as you can see from the sign in the picture, which is located in Tipton.


Iowa is a rural state (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

Iowa is known for its agriculture as a good portion of their economic output has to do with farming business. As a result, most of its scenery is rural with a lot of cornfields that surround the state.

It could seem like an exaggeration, but this road stop with a single vending machine is the only pit stop for miles. Either you stop there or you wait a while. 


Kansas has many tornado warnings (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

Normally, whenever the state of Kansas is mentioned, what comes to mind are thunderstorms and tornadoes. It is not an exaggeration as natives of Kansas are always on the lookout for tornadoes than most other states.

That being said, they do get a good number of visitors as many outsiders like to go just to see the tornadoes, which can be quite remarkable.


The Kentucky Derby is the state's best attraction (Photo: upbeatnews).

Although it is where KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) was founded, the state’s best attraction is The Kentucky Derby, which is the most prestigious horse race in the country.  

The Kentucky Derby receives a lot of fans who come from all over the country. Although it has a reputation of being a high-class event, it attracts all kinds of people as you can see in the photo.


This adult is clearly not afraid of alligators (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

This picture may be alarming for most outsiders, but for natives of this state, it can be quite normal as Louisiana has the largest population of alligators in the United States.

It also is not surprising to see adults bringing their children into the cage and experience what it is like to be next to an alligator.


What a way of fishing (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

Maine’s winters are the closest you will find to Canada’s weather in the United States, and that is not just because it borders Canada. Apart from the weather, natives really enjoy fishing.

It gets to the point that people will do anything to go fishing, even if they do not have a boat. If that is the case, they will create their own means as you see in the picture.


Always be cautious when driving in Maryland (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

If you ever visit the state of Maryland, always be careful on the road as the state has some of the worst drivers across the country.

This is probably because there is a mix in the driving culture as the state mixes the Northern style with the Southern way of driving.


Their accent can be difficult to understand (Photo: The Design Inspiration).

Massachusetts has many great things, but if there is anything the natives of this state are known for, it is for their incredibly think accent, which at times can be difficult to understand.

As you can see in the photo, the sign is written in the phonetic spelling of the accent and slang, which translate to “fierce storm is coming.”


Hunting has popular in Michigan (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

Michigan has a big hunting culture and in the northern area of the state, opening day of hunting season is a school holiday. There are a lot of targets to choose from, such as deer’s, which have a big population in the state.

With the cold weather the state goes through, it is no surprise that natives want to collect as much fur as possible.


The sign is quite the irony (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

As you can see from the picture, natives of Minnesota have a great sense of humor, even though the state does get its fair share of sun.

Despite the irony, the state can be known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, North Star State, or the Gopher State due to the large amounts of gophers that reside in the state.   


Mississippi has great barbecues and a high obesity rate (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

Natives of Mississippi are generally nice and happy people, but if there is anything the state is known for, it is for their delicious barbecues.

Despite the great barbecues, the state is also known for having one of the worst obesity rates across the country, which is well depicted in this photo.


Missour natives really like monster trucks (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

Natives of the state of Missouri really like monster trucks and you can find them on almost every area. Even the school buses are monster trucks, which at least keep the students safe.

Despite this, do not be fool by the monster trucks, people in the state are very friendly and will even pull their trucks over to speak to people in other cars.


Nothing better than seeing a human and bear sharing a bath (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

There are many animals that roam through the state of Montana, which is well known for its nature. Although hunting is very popular, some animals are not afraid to get close to humans.

In fact, you could find some good human-animal relationships and even see a bear sharing a bath with a human counterpart.


This rest stop is made of hay (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

Although Nebraska is known as the Cornhusker State, they are actually not the main producer of corn in the country. That being said, natives are still proud of the corn they produce.

Apparently, the rest stop areas are maid of hay, which is an agricultural product in the state. They are not private and a bit unusual, but it does what it has to do.


Nevada has some interesting laws (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

When Nevada comes to mind, no question you think of Las Vegas; also known as America’s playground. The state is also known to have some of the strangest laws.

Gambling, alcohol, and prostitution are perfectly legal as you can see from the sign. However, if you try to get lobsters, you could be in serious trouble.

New Hampshire

Views of layers of mountains as seen from the top of mountain in Mount Washington, New Hampshire (Getty).

Although New Hampshire has the highest percentage of white people in the United States, is it also where the White Mountains are located.

The state is well known and extremely important during the elections as they can be crucial in deciding which candidates go on to run as President.

New Jersey

Jersey Shore was filmed in New Jersey (Photo: The Design Inspiration). 

Even though New Jersey is known as the Garden State, most people know the state for the series Jersey Shore, which has given the state notorious publicity.

Although there are things do, the state has been known to depend a lot on New York as many of their residents work and commute over the river.

New Mexico

Low riders are popular in New Mexico (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

New Mexico is known to be a state where lowriders are very popular. As you can see from the picture, it specifies a lowrider is not a lowrider if it does not scrape the pavement.

Something interesting about this state is that due to their geographic locations, northern and eastern New Mexico exhibit a colder, alpine climate, while western and southern exhibit a warmer, arid climate.

New York

Another side of New York (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

With all of New York’s famous attractions, there is another thing the state has been known for and is not exactly something new yorkers like, which is the rats that roam the streets and subways.

That does not stop tourists from going, but they are always surprised when they walk the streets and see a rat go by them.

North Carolina

North Carolina has the Blue Ridge Mountains (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

North Carolina is known to be a beautiful state that has the Blue Ridge Mountains and is notorious for its incredible sweet tea and barbecues.

However, North Carolina has not exactly been ranked as the state with the best education as you can see from the misspelled word in the picture.

North Dakota

Ice hockey and guns define North Dakota (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

Natives of North Dakota have a big passion for guns and ice hockey. When they are not hunting or at shooting ranges, you can find them at ice hockey games.

People in this state need no excuse to go watch hockey. However, if you include gun raffles at an ice hockey game, then it all goes to a completely differently level.


Even natives encourage visitors turn around (Photo:

The state does not have many attractions and even natives of Ohio are shocked whenever visitors come to the state.

Along with this, the natives encourage visitors coming through to turn around unless they are going to watch the Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns or Ohio State Buckeyes.


Oklahoma natives have created a new way of riding (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

Natives of Oklahoma enjoy watching their Oklahoma Sooners, eating anything deep-fried, and drinking alcohol, which is surprising as Oklahoma has strict alcohol laws.

Despite the restrictions, people in this state still manage to drink a lot and you can even find people who turn kegs into their own bicycles.


Oregon has become a hipster location (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

The state of Oregon has become a hipster location in the country. In every areas, especially Portland, you will find all kinds of people.

You will find some of the nicest people, but also some of the most interesting as you see in the picture, with the man wearing a beanie and blanket while knitting on the bus.


The Amish have mixed modern hobbies (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

Apart from Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, most of Pennsylvania is rural. In the countryside is where you will find the Amish who speak their own English dialect, which can be hard to understand for outsiders.

Although the Amish can be strict with their teachings, they have also mixed modern hobbies as you see in the picture with the woman wearing a plain dress while rolling blading on the street.

Rhode Island

These lobsters have some great jousting skills (Photo:

Although Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States, natives are calm and easy-going people who enjoy going to the beach as much as possible during the summer months.

The state is also well known for its seafood, in particular lobsters. Not only are they delicious, these lobsters also know how to jousts as you can see from the picture.

South Carolina

Nothing says South Carolina than this (Photo: Pens & Patrons)

Residents from South Carolina are known for fulfilling many of the stereotypes you may have about the South. In this case, you can see a woman holding a baby and a shotgun, while drinking a beer.

Natives of South Carolina are kind people, but also do like their shotguns, eating shrimp and enjoying a good drink on the side.

South Dakota

There are no signs warning about bisons (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

Along with Mount Rushmore, the state is also known for having some of the nicest and trustworthy people you can find. To the point that a lot of markets operate on an honor system and many natives leave their places unlocked.

The state is also known for having a large population of prairie dogs and they are meant to be left alone as the signs says, but it says nothing about what to do with the bisons.


Tennessee natives really like their Volunteers (Photo: The Design Inspiration).

Whether the Tennessee Volunteers are winning or losing, they always have a great fan base behind them. Natives of Tennessee are crazy about college football and the Volunteers.

Many of the fans paint themselves and tailgate hours before game. When the game begins, it can be one of the loudest in college football as they root on their Volunteers. 


Do not mess with Texas (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

Texas is a very unique state. Natives of the Lone Star State are very proud and have no problem showing off the usual stereotypes that are normally associate with Texas.

The state has some of the nicest people you can meet, unless you dare mess with Texas. You can find people wearing cowboy hats and boots while riding on a horse in the middle of the street.


Many mormons reside in Utah (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

A good portion of mormons reside in Utah, especially in Salt Lake City. There are groups that still partake in this practice and have even appeared on reality television shows.

There is something positive that has transitioned from the Mormons into the Utah culture. You will rarely hear natives of Utah curse or use expletives.


Vermon has a big moose population (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

Vermont is well known for its easy-going people, nature, making maple syrup, and is where Ben and Jerry’s have their headquarters.

The state also has several animals that roam through Vermont, which includes a large population of moose and you can find them anywhere, even in your own backyard.


Natives of Virginia have not forgotten about the Civil War (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

Although the Civil War is long over, natives of Virginia have never forgotten about the war and even take part in several reenactments of famous battles.

Watching these reenactments gives you a good idea of how the battles looked and sounded during that period. It is no surprise there are many politicians that come out of Virginia.


The mystery Bigfoot comes from Washington State (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

If you have ever heard of the mystery of Bigfoot, it is believed to live somewhere in the forest in Washington State. It is said that Bigfoot has been sighted on several occasions, with some photographs showing evidence, but nothing conclusive.

Washington State is also where the mystery of Sasquatch was created, and like Bigfoot, is believed to live somewhere in the forest.

West Virginia

Nothing says West Virginia than this (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

A shirtless person with a mullet while leaning on a pickup truck and chewing a stick cannot be a better representation of a state that is known as the Mountain State.

In fact, it would not be surprising if this man is also well trained as a hunter and camper as it is very common in West Virginia.


Wisonsin natives really like their boats (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

Natives of Wisconsin really like taking their boats out to Lake Michigan when the weather permits. To the point that you will probably find people use their boats as cars.

If the people of Wisconsin are not on their boats, they can be found hunting or enjoying the famous cheeses as the state is known as America’s Dairyland.


Bisons can be found on roads in Wyoming (Photo: Pens & Patrons).

Wyoming is known for the location of Yellow Stone National Park and having a large population of bisons roaming through the state. Herds of bisons can be found everywhere in the state, even on the roads.

Although they cause traffic jams and can be on the roads if there is nobody is guiding them, at least drivers can get a great glimpse of such a big animal as they drive.