TÁR is the new drama film starring Cate Blanchett. It marks the return of acclaimed film director Todd Field from Focus Features, who released his latest teaser a few weeks ago, ahead of its premiere at the 2022 Venice Film Festival

The two-time Oscar-winning actress generates quite a bit of psychological tension in the trailer, where she plays Lydia Tár, a brilliant but self-destructive director and composer. She is the first woman to become the chief conductor of one of Germany's most important orchestras. 

16 years after being inactive, Field returns with this production of which little is known, but much is expected. The story and adventures of the incredible orchestra conductor could mean a lot in the industry, as it could make the list of possible Academy Award nominees.

Will TÁR be available on any steaming platform?

Field, in charge of directing the film, assured that he wrote the script specifically for Blanchett and that if she refused to participate, "the production would not have seen the light of day". As scheduled, TÁR will premiere on September 1 at the 79th Venice Film Festival. It is scheduled to hit theaters nationwide on October 7 this year, thanks to Focus Features.

A soundtrack album with Guðnadóttir's score will also be released, as well as a rehearsal of Gustav Mahler's Fifth Symphony and a cello piece by Sophie Kauer, both conducted by Blanchett.

It has a duration of two hours and forty minutes in total and although it is not confirmed, it is expected that 45 days after its release it will arrive to one of the popular streaming platforms, such as HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+ or Netflix. So for the moment it will only be enjoyed in theaters.