Soccer teams can break a supporter’s heart, losing in the last minute of a Champions League final or being relegated from the Premier League.  If you love a team, you are with them through the good times and the bad times.

Sometimes you might even go against the ones you most love to support your team. How many times have we heard about a family of Liverpool fans who have one son/daughter that simply loves Everton? Or in Buenos Aires a family of River Plate fans who have the “misfortune” of having that one family member be from Boca Juniors.

In 2019 The Mirror reported one of the strangest stories of such a case as a six-year-old supporter of Spurs drove his Arsenal supporting father so mad that said father was completely desperate to cure his son's love of Tottenham. Here is what that father did.

Father tries strangest way to cure his son's love of Tottenham

The Mirror reported that the Arsenal loving dad offered to hire a hypnotist, paying £3,000 to make his six-year-old son switch from supporting Tottenham to Arsenal. The dad posted an ad on and later admitted to The Mirror that his wife had no knowledge of the dad’s desperate act.

When the father got no answer for his ad he took the next step, he took his search nationwide as the original ad was only for hypnotists in London. The story was printed in 2019 and no follow up was offered, hopefully that boy continues to have freedom of choice and the dad did not go to a witch doctor or something.