Season 19 of The Bachelorette will continue this Monday, with a brand-new episode just before the Hometown Dates. Co-leads Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia haven’t had an easy journey so far, and now, new reports have put a contestant on the spotlight but not for good reasons: Nate Mitchell. 

Mitchell, 33, is one of Gabby’s contestants. He has become a fan-favorite after how he confronted fellow contestant Chris Austin for saying he wouldn’t be happy if Gabby and Rachel were intimate with multiple suitors during the fantasy suites week.

The engineer from Chicago has charmed Windey, especially after talking about his daughter, saying she was his “world. Like, a pocket of my heart just burst open for the first time when she said, ‘Dad,’ [and] the first time she told me she loved me,” he said on the show. So, what is happening with Mitchell? 

Nate Mitchell reportedly lied to a former partner about his daughter 

Last week, Reality Steve published on his website accusations from one of Nate’s exes that he kept his daughter a secret from her while they dated for a year and a half. In his article, the reality TV expert shared messages and screenshots from Kelsey Fankhauser, who shared the story. 

In a Tik Tok video, Fankhauser wrote “I cried for a guy who kept his kid a secret from me for 1.5 years when we were dating and I found out on reality TV.She also shared photos of her with the contestant to prove their relationship. 

In the article, Reality Steve also shared screenshots of alleged direct messages Frankhauser received from a woman named Laree Starke, who said she was also involved with Mitchell while he was “exclusive” with her. 

Frankhauser said that she doesn’t “want to affect” Mitchell’s future, “but it’s important for me to try and prevent another girl from being blindsided by his secrecies.” Meanwhile, Mitchell’s only response to the story is an Instagram comment. 

“Two sides to every story wish u the best, (sic)” wrote the contestant replying to a comment on the platform that asked, “why you playing girls? (sic)”. It’s unclear how far Mitchell goes into the season.