The fifth season of The Crown is almost ready to premiere and its first images have already been revealed. One of the most striking visual factors is Elizabeth Debicki's similarity to Princess Diana and fans are waiting for the arrival of the episodes to make a big marathon of the most beloved character.

"This is the most visual content we have of the royal family. In the 1990s, everything had started to be filmed, and it was also the birth of the 24-hour news cycle, so there's an incredible amount of content that we have access to. Diana was the most photographed person in the world at the time. As an actress, you open the portal and this huge tsunami of information comes at you. I happily swam in it", Debicki said at TUDUM, the Netflix event.

The iconic British royal series has already been renewed for a sixth and seventh season, so we will have history for a while. During this installment, Imelda Staunton will replace Olivia Colman in the role of Queen Elizabeth II. This has happened with several other characters and actors, such as Jonathan Pryce, who will play Prince Philip.

The Crown: How many episodes will the fifth season have?

The new batch of episodes will arrive on the streaming platform on Wednesday, November 9 and will explore the 90s, focusing on the breakup of the marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Diana, who will be played by Dominic West and Debicki. There will be 10 episodes and they will all be released together on the same day of the premiere, so there will be no need to wait to find out what happens.