The Rings of Power, the new series from the world of The Lord of the Rings, promises to be the biggest hit on Amazon Prime Video. It has already been crowned the most expensive production of all time, with a budget of $465 million, surpassing all previous adaptations.

To get an idea, Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings cost around $281 million and The Fellowship of the Ring around $93 million. While The Two Towers and Return of the King cost $94 million each. Neither comes close to the budget of the new production that delves into Middle-earth once again. 

The expansion of the original trilogy, which has the most Oscars in history, will feature one premiere episode per week. This format is chosen by most of the new series, as has happened with House of the Dragon, which is still airing episodes every Sunday (Check here for the complete release schedule).

How many episodes will 'The Rings of Power' have?

The Prime Video exclusive series will have 8 episodes in total and one premiere per week. It will expand the universe of J.R.R. Tolkien's greatest work, with Juan Antonio Bayona as director. Thanks to the small previews that the production company uploaded, it will be a sublime experience, immersive and full of details for fans who follow the story since the first installment.

The first episode, to be released on September 2, is titled Shadow of the Past and will take us back to the world of the Dark Lord and Middle-earth. The series will focus on the events at the end of the Second Age, before Isildur and Elrond command the alliance between Elves and Men to face Sauron's armies. 

For those who do not know so much detail about the history, The Second Age is the longest and most recorded in the history of Middle-earth, lasting 3,441. It began with the defeat of Morgoth, in the year 584 after the return of Noldor to Middle-earth and ends with the defeat of the dark lord, Sauron.