It's time for one of the most emotional farewells. The Walking Dead has reached its end and there are only four episodes left of season 11, so soon we will have to say goodbye to the characters and actors who have accompanied us since its premiere in October 2010, almost 12 years ago.

AMC and Frank Darabont's production, based on Robert Kirkman's graphic novels, has been one of the pioneers in good zombie stories as protagonists. Projects of this style were few and only a select few, such as Dawn of the Dead or Zombieland, were considered respectable. That's when TWD arrived to change everything.

Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus took the lead roles and became the iconic Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon, who were the leaders of the series for a long time. The current season is focused on the Commonwealth, a community of survivors who managed to restore some parts of society thanks to the work of different camps.

TWD Season 11: When and where will the last episodes be released?

There are only 4 episodes left and they will air every Sunday back-to-back. The third and last part of TWD's final season will start airing on October 2. The previous installments were divided into two parts of 8 episodes but this one was a little longer and its 24 episodes were divided into three parts. The first one was released between August 22 and October 10, 2021 and the second one between February 20 and April 10 of this year.

It is hoped that this time (at last) the series will have a definitive closure and will not leave any loose ends. There are four characters whose fates hang in the balance, as they are a problem for the Reapers (the villains of this season), who are a paramilitary organization that does not understand partnerships. Therefore, Maggie, Daryl, Aaron and Gabriel could have trouble reaching the end of the journey after twelve years of broadcasts.

The episodes will premiere every Sunday at 9 PM ET on AMC (and AMC+) or in case you don't have cable you can watch them on fuboTV, which offers a seven day free-trial in the US. Here is a list of the episodes with their respective titles and premiere dates:

  • Episode (1117) "Lockdown" – AMC+ 10/2 or AMC 10/02
  • Episode (1118) "A New Deal" – AMC+ 10/02 or AMC 10/09
  • Episode (1119) "Variant" – AMC+ 10/09 or AMC 10/16
  • Episode (1120) "What's Been Lost" – AMC+ 10/16 or AMC 10/23