Being married to any sports star is a difficult challenge, many of these women have to endure not seeing their famous partner for weeks at a time. These players at times are off playing international tournaments, on the road for a road game, or called up to their respective national teams.

Still, these women are also paving their own way as many of them have their own careers and business ventures. From international pop star Shakira to infamous wife/agent Wanda Nara the definition of a wag has changed over the years.

Here are 20 famous soccer couples, the women who hold down the fort and keep their famous partners in line. Here are 20 soccer wags of top-class soccer players.

20. Camila Angelo

Camila Angelo is the niece of Atletico Mineiro and former Brazilian national team striker Hulk. She is also his wife. In 2019 Hulk separated from his ex-wife of 12 years to begin a relationship with his “favorite niece”. The couple is awaiting their first child.

19. Arisa Sato

Arisa Sato is a Japanese model and newscaster who is married to Eintracht Frankfurt defensive midfielder Makoto Hasebe. The couple have been together since 2016.

18. Sofia Balbi 

Luis Suarez fought hard to get to Europe in search of his passion for soccer and his love for Sofia Balbi, Balbi has various business ventures and is married to the striker since 2009. The couple is not shy about showing their love, Sofia has been a rock for Luis especially during difficult times like being thrown out of the 2014 World Cup.

17. Evangelina Anderson

Argentine model Evangelina Anderson has been in a long-standing relationship with former Argentine defender Martín Demichelis. The couple has three children, and she is always active on social media.

16. Becky G

Becky G is a world-renowned singer and songwriter, she has been in various movies and has put out 1 album in 2019. Becky G is in a relationship with American professional soccer player Sebastian Lletget who recently was traded to the New England Revolution.

15. Michele Lacroix

Michele Lacroix is the wife of Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne. Always at her husband’s side for every important game, Michele is there to lend her support.

14. Anna Lewandowska

Anna Lewandowska is a karateka and personal trainer. Lewandowska has won multiple medals in World, European, and national Championships. She is also the wife of Bayern Munich forward Robert Lewandowski.

13. Perrie Edwards

Perrie Edwards is a singer from England and longtime girlfriend of Liverpool midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. The couple has 1 child and been together since 2016.

12. Georgette Eto'o

Georgette Eto'o is the wife of famed soccer player Samuel Eto'o, Georgette has been in various business ventures and has four children with the former Barcelona star.

11. Polly Parsons

English TV presenter and model Polly Parsons is married to Belgian and current free agent defender Thomas Vermaelen. The couple have two sons.

10. Pilar Rubio

Pilar Rubio is a TV presenter and is married to PSG defender Sergio Ramos, the couple have 4 children and Rubio currently works on Fox Life.

9. Federica Nargi

Italian model Federica Nargi has been in a long-time relationship with former Italian national team player Alessandro Matri since 2009. The couple have two daughters.

8. Oriana Sabatini 

Oriana Sabatini is a singer/ model from Argentina who dates Juventus forward Paulo Dybala. Daughter of the famed Venezuelan model Catherine Fulop, Sabatini put out three singles in 2020.

7. Alicia Aylies 

Alicia Aylies is a beauty pageant model that is in a reported relationship with PSG star Kylian Mbappe. The couple is extremely private about their off the limelight life and not much is known about their daily life.

6. Lorena Bernal

Lorena Bernal is the wife of Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta; Bernal has been a rock for her husband who has suffered huge criticism over his reign as Arsenal manager. Bernal is an actress and the couple have three children.

5. Georgina Rodriguez

Georgina Rodriguez is Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, and the couple began dating back in 2016, they have 1 daughter together and upload their lifestyle on social media.

4. Wanda Nara

The Argentine model turned player agent rose to fame after a love triangle between her first soccer husband Maxi Lopez and her now husband Mauro Icardi while both played at Sampdoria. Nara and Icardi’s relationship are just food for the yellow press, accusations of infidelity, divorce, and indirect social media messages, Nara lives her life in full view of the public to the dismay of her husband.

3. Shakira

Music superstar Shakira fell in love with Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué, during the filming of the official song of the 2010 World Cup music video. Shakira has produced 11 albums with “Dónde Están los Ladrones?” being the record that launched her to international fame.

2. Antonela Roccuzzo

Antonela Roccuzzo is the wife of Lionel Messi, the two were childhood friends turned couple, they have 3 children and Roccuzzo is always at her husband’s side during the biggest events of his sporting career.

1. Victoria Beckham

The WAG that started it all, Victoria Beckham is married to one time soccer mega superstar David Beckham. The couple married in 1999 and have 4 children, having lived in England, USA, Spain, and France during her husband’s soccer career. Victoria herself rose to stardom for being a member of the famed pop group The Spice Girls.