This summer, CBS is aiming to lead the ratings with not two reality TV competitions: the 24th season of Big Brotherwith a brand new cast and the first edition (for the network) of The Challenge USA, a spin-off series with former reality TV stars. 

However, the competition for the cash prize in The Challenge is not the only one in the show. With contestants from Survivor, Love Island, The Amazing Race and, of course, Big Brother, there are old frictions that will come to light during this new challenge (pun intended). 

From Big Brother, contestants are: from season 23, Tiffany Mitchell, Kyland Young, Alyssa Lopez, Derek Xiao and winner Xavier Prather; from season 20 contestant Angela Rummans, from seasons 21 and 22 contestant David Alexander and from seasons 12 and 22 contestant Enzo Palumbo. 

Big Brother former contestants share their biggest pet peeves 

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Big Brother alums shared their strengths and their biggest pet peeves. While they all know how it is to live with strangers before, they still have boundaries when it comes to living with roommates. 

What are the things they hate the most? To David, “if you’re not cleaning after yourself as a grown adult, you don’t deserve to be here.” Meanwhile, Tiffany hates “when people don’t listen to me.” BB23 winner Prather says that he hates when “someone is telling you something and they go like ‘you’ll never believe this’ and you’re like ‘what’ and they go ‘nah, nah’. Like, literally, go f*** yourself.” 

On the other hand, Azah can’t stand “mouth noises, like when people are eating”, Enzo says he doesn’t like “people who snores” and Alyssa hates “when people try to hug me or touch me when I’m pissed.” However, it’s Derek who definitely holds some grudges with former contestants. 

“If someone is arrogant, selfish, throw me out of the ‘Big Brother’ house, he said about his biggest pet peeves. Who is referring him to? Well, Alyssa, Azah, Xavier and Tiffany didn’t vote for him when he was nominated for eviction. Does this mean that the Big Brother alums won’t be able to make a good team? You have to wait for the premiere of ‘The Challenge USA’ to find out (July 6, 9:30 PM ET).