Many series hit the TV or the streaming services, but not many of them get into people's hearts in the way 'This Is Us' did. The relatable family drama that explores the story of the Pearsons has entered its final season and it will probably touch their audience again.

Milo Ventimiglia became America's favorite TV dad with his portrayal of Jack, who is the father of the Big Three with his wife Rebecca (Mandy Moore). The fictional character conquered the audience with his integrity and devotion to his family.

Most people would agree that no one could make Jack as charming and compelling character as Ventimiglia. However, the actor who has recently been honored with his Hollywood Walk of Fame Star revealed that producers imagined someone completely different to play the patriarch of the Pearsons.

Milo Ventimiglia reveals that 'This Is Us' producers didn't imagine him as Jack

“They wanted somebody completely different,” he told Variety. “I walked in with my beard and my long hair and set my motorcycle helmet down and they went, ‘Who is this guy?'”

“I think they just saw something different than someone who had practiced the words, and they picked me,” he added. “I don’t think it was so much me choosing it as it choosing me.”

Ventimiglia also explained what it's like to play Jack, a character who is an example of parenting, love, and perseverance. “It’s kind of art imitating life," he said. I was just trying to be just a man existing as a man, and here’s this man who’s just trying to provide for his wife and his family and all of that. It was so simple and beautiful that I thought, ‘I’d just love to do it. I’d love to be a part of it.'”