While the film industry is still grappling with the effects of the pandemic and the changes caused by streaming, some things have remained the same: Tom Cruise being the biggest movie star, for example. The actor not only led the highest grossing film of the year, so far, but he will undoubtedly be the best paid actor. 

While the sequel of ‘Top Gun’ (1986) had been in the works since 2012 and suffered major setbacks such as the suicide of director Tony Scott, not many people had faith that it was necessary or would turn out right. However, after two delays due the pandemic, the film captivated audiences grossing over an astonishing $1 billion worldwide. 

It is the first time that Cruise, who has led several blockbusters such as the “Mission Impossible” franchise, reached the $1B club. And for the star that also means a higher paycheck, especially as he is one of the few to get a “first-dollar gross” deal. Here, check out his salary for ‘Maverick’. 

Tom Cruise is the highest-paid actor of the year thanks to ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

In a new report, Variety affirms that Cruise will earn $100 million or more “from ticket sales, his salary and his eventual cut of home entertainment rentals and streaming revenue.” Unsurprisingly, he is the highest-paid actor of the year, by a large margin.

His deal, of course, is unusual for the industry as he gets box office bonuses before the studio even recover the expenses. With “Top Gun: Maverick” having grossed nearly $1.2 billion at the global box office, his earnings skyrocketed. However, for the two upcoming “Mission Impossible” movies, Cruise’s salary is a more modest 12$-14$ million. 

Behind Cruise, the other top earner of the year is Leonardo DiCaprio, who will receive $30M for “Killers of the Flower Moon,” which will premiere in November. Brad Pitt will also get $30M for starring in AppleTV+’s Formula 1 drama. 

Dwayne Johnson will make $22.5 million for Black Adam, and then Will Ferrell, Chris Hemsworth, Vin Diesel, Tom Hardy, Joaquin Phoenix, Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington are all at the $20 million mark for their upcoming projects. 

Tom Cruise’s net worth: How much has the star made? 

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Cruise's worth is $600 million. The actor has made hit after hit since the 80’s, with movies such as “Jerry Maguire,” “Mission Impossible,” “Interview with the Vampire,” and many more. The actor also owns several planes, and his own production company, Cruise/Wagner Productions.