It didn't take long for 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' to break multiple box office records, becoming one of the most watched films in the big screen in recent years. It wasn't much of a surprise, though, given the excitement around this release that starred Tom Holland as the Marvel superhero along Zendaya as Peter Parker's girlfriend, MJ(Warning: From now on, the article will have spoilers).

The highly anticipated return of Spider-Man to the theaters saw him face a challenging outlook after Mysterio revealed his true identity in 'Spider-Man: Far From Home'. To turn this mess around, Peter Parker seeks for Doctor Strange's help. However, things would only get worse from there. As the spell goes wrong, an unexpected crossover sees Holland's Spider-Man face enemies from other universes, creating the plot for this third movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

From then on, Spider-Man finds himself in a chaotic situation for which he is mostly responsible, and it leads him to take different decisions that not always pay off. However, the film ends with Peter Parker making an extremely difficult choice that has apparently not pleased Zendaya and Tom Holland very much.

Tom Holland, Zendaya react to the ending of 'Spider-Man: No Way Home'

The ending of the movie might be tough, as Spider-Man makes a difficult decision. With the mistakes of the previous spell proving costly, Peter Parker asks Doctor Strange to make literally everyone forget he is Spider-Man. While it sends every enemy back to their worlds, it also meant that anyone who knew Peter in his universe forgets about him as well. But he felt it was the right thing to do. After the spell, Peter Parker sees how both MJ and his best friend Ned, who got into college, don't recognize him. It hurts, but Peter seems to be happy for them, accepting the choice he had to make.

In an interview with, the two stars have reflected on the third Spider-Man movie in which they worked together. Although they've enjoyed working on this franchise all these years, it looks like the ending of the latest film left them quite sad.

“I actually hate we're in these interviews like, 'This movie's so fun!’”, Zendaya said. “I cried throughout the whole movie. And the first thing I said when we finished was, ‘This is awfully sad.’"


“It’s brutal,” Holland continued. “It's tough. It's bittersweet.” Zendaya, however, only saw the sad part. “Is it though? Because it's very much just bitter,” she said. “Like I'm not getting the sweet part.”

Holland tried to make a point, saying Peter is “starting a new chapter. And he's cleared his name. He's free of all that stuff. And the people that he loves—” But Zendaya interrupted, reminding that “He's lost everyone he loves.” Holland's argument about Peter's friends being safe seemed pointless, as Zendaya claimed they're never safe in that universe. In the end, Tom backed down and admitted "It's very sad, the ending."

“I wanted them to have a happy ending,” he added. “We're still here, we're feeling good. We're proud of the movie. It would have been so nice for them to go to college, and just swing off into the sunset. Unfortunately, this is the way it is."

And, even though Zendaya looks more frustrated with how the story concludes, Tom Holland saw the bright side. "We may be teaching young kids a lesson they might not be ready for. But, [at least the movie’s] entertaining.”