Who is ready for some Hollywood’s nostalgia? The highly anticipated second part of ‘Top Gun’, starring Tom Cruise, will finally come out after multiple delays and fans can’t wait to know what will happen to Pete "Maverick" Mitchell after all those years. 

For the sequel, only Cruise and Val Kilmer will return from the original cast, meaning that the film won’t count with stars like Meg Ryan and Kelly McGillis. However, the new cast include recognizable faces such as Miles Teller and Jennifer Connelly, who will be the new love interest for Mitchell. 

Nevertheless, one of the main attractions from the first film was the action sequences and, for the look of the trailer, it seems like the second one will also have great aerial stunts. As we know, Tom Cruise loves to do his own stunts and many people wonder if he actually fly the planes for the movie. Here, check out the answer. 

Top Gun 2: The story behind Tom Cruise and the aerial stunts 

After the first trailer for the movie was dropped, Paramount Pictures released a featurette of the film in which they show the behind the scenes of the aerial stunts. In the video it is revealed that Tom Cruise flew a jet for the movie. 

According to HTC, he flies a P-51 propeller-driven fighter plane, as well a few helicopters in the film. However, he was denied permission by the navy to fly an F-18 Fighter jet and those scenes were made with the assistance of Navy pilots. “You can’t create this unless you’re shooting live, so we have the best fighter pilots in the world,” Cruise says in the featurette. 

Tom Cruise has been a licensed pilot since 1994 and, in an interview with Wired, he revealed that he's a multi-engine instrument rated commercial pilot. Actually, his love for flying was a result of his participation in the first Top Gun movie. 

In the featurette, Tom also explains that all the actors trained to support the G-force of the jets. According to HTC, when the cast shot the first movie almost all of them vomited, including Tom himself.

When is 'Top Gun: Maverick' coming out? 

You can watch the sequel of Top Gun when it hit theaters on May 27, 2022. The movie will premiere on the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. The movie was supposed to be released in 2019 but production needed more time to complete the action sequences.