Joe Biden will not have it easy when he takes over the Oval office from Donald Trump in 2021. The economy has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and many Americans are out of work and in dire financial straits. Nonetheless the outgoing administration and the new one are pressing hard to push a relief plan that will help citizens during this tough period.

One month ago, President-elect Biden met with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic leader Chuck Schumer to prepare for another large-scale economic support structure for Americans in the form of a “Covid-19 relief- package.”

The economic relief package depends on Congressional approval to pass a bipartisan emergency aid package as soon as possible, where a second check looks to be on the agenda. Still, experts have stated that a second stimulus check would not be available until sometime in 2021.

What did Joe Biden say about a second stimulus check

Until now Joe Biden has stated that he wants to push for aid and has called on Congress to pass a relief plan as soon as possible in order to help families and businesses. While he has not flat out said he will provide a stimulus check, it is within his relief package that a stimulus check be issued for a second time.

Is there gonna be a second stimulus check? 

At the moment a second stimulus check depends on whether Republicans retain control of the Senate in January. If the Democratic party doesn’t gain the two Georgia Senate seats, Republicans could put a dent on various aspects of Biden’s relief package. Nonetheless, both parties have agreed to provide a stimulus check of some kind, although the amount is still to be determined.

 Update on second stimulus check 2021 

As mentioned above, a second stimulus check will most likely be issued as part of the Covid-19 relief plan. What Democrats and Republicans will most likely debate on, will be how much will be issued to each family and individual. 

The Trump administration put forth a plan that would send families a check of $600 but it would then eliminate a $300-per-week unemployment benefit that was favored by both Republicans and Democrats. Democrats were not happy with the proposition put on the table and continue to negotiate a relief plan that will help the American people.