The US Elections 2020 are a couple of hours away and it's time to take a look at the support that the candidates have right now. Donald Trump might not be the most famous person in the world (at least for celebrities), but he has managed to get some support from some players and coaches in the world of sports, who just like him, aren’t the most popular in their natural habitat. 

Curiously, Trump has more coaches that admire him than players and it’s time to see who are the ones who have voiced their support for Trump regardless of the consequences they could face. We already know how bad the relationships of Trump and the NBA is, with the president taking shots at players whenever he has the chance. 

It seems like NFL coaches are more likely to like Trump than others, which is ironic seeing how the relationship between Trump and the NFL has worsened over the past couple of years. Still, some of these names have been known for their controversies and we all know that is what perfectly describes Trump. 

Bill Bellichick 

The New England Patriots head coach must be thinking about a lot of things before politics this year but back in 2016 he made sure to show his respect to Trump by sending him a letter; Belichick has been friends with Trump for quite some time now and that doesn’t seem to have changed. 

Mike Ditka 

Mike Ditka is a very outspoken person and he showed that whenever he could during his days in the NFL. Ditka is a confessed admirer of Trump, stating that he likes the things POTUS says. “I do like Donald Trump. I think he, sometimes he's gotta think a little bit more before he says things, but I think he's on the right track," he once said. 

Ed Orgeron 

This college football head coach has been linked with Trump after the latter attended two LSU games in 2019. That was the first step of their friendship and right now it’s stronger than ever. Trump even invited LSU to the White House after they won the NCAA national championship. 

Lou Holtz

The legendary Notre Dame head coach has nothing but good things to say about Trump. He recently joined the president in a rally and urged people to vote for him before it was too late. Holtz first endorsed Trump in 2016 and this year it wasn’t the exception. "Ask yourself if you didn't show up who missed you and why? Think what would've happened if President Trump hadn't shown up in the year 2016 and what he's done for his country. Just show up on November 3rd or before to make sure that this country has a chance. This isn't about republican and democrat, this is about right versus wrong, good versus evil; freedom,” he said just a couple of days ago. 

Mike Leach 

Mike Leach also has some strong opinions about Trump and he’s not shy to defend them, as he did in 2016. “I was vouching for a friend who I think is good for our country,” Leach told USA TODAY Sports. “This is my opinion, not Washington State’s opinion. But there’s a point that we’ve got to get to in this country where people are willing to exchange ideas and discuss ideas. Right now, there’s this contest on who can be offended and how fast. Everybody is offended by everything. I’m offended by people who get offended by everything.”

Mike Shanahan 

The former Washington Redskins head coach actually addressed the crowd in 2016 when Trump was running for the first time. “We need leadership for our country. We need leadership for our kids.” Back in 2016, Shanahan described Trump as a “very special guy, proven business leader” and an overall, “great person.”

Bobby Knight 

Legendary college basketball Bobby Knight actually called Trump on the phone to show his support, telling him he is what the country needed in 2016. “I just told him I thought that we needed him,” Knight told TIME. “That right now, in this moment in time, he was the man who should be in charge. He should be the guy that can get us back to where we want to be.”

Bobby Bowden 

Bobby Bowden endorsed Trump recently after winning his battle against COVID-19, claiming that he wanted to win so he could vote for Trump in this election. “Most of you know I’m 91 years old and the fight was tough. But thanks to the help of Dr. Michael Forsthoefel and the support of [wife] Ann and all my children I beat it. I’ve had the chance to get a lot of wins in my life but I really wanted to win this one because I wanted to be around to vote for President Trump.”

We have more coaches or MLB managers, to be precise, who didn’t voice their support for Trump but donated to his campaign in 2016. It wasn’t as many people as the ones that donated for Hillary Clinton but Trump still got their recognition. 

Gene Michael, ex-Yankees manager/GM

Vince Dooley, ex-Georgia HOF coach

Davey Johnson, ex-Mets manager

Marcel Lachemann, ex-Angels manager